Muslim Girl Staple: Cardigans

So if you like to dress modestly, chances are you have a few cardigans in your closet (or probably more). They are probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can known, and they work amazingly to help you achieve more modest looks and to cover up. They provide instant coverage of the arms, and even help to cover your behind (if you want to).

Cardigans come in all shapes and sizes. They definitely do the wonderful task of providing coverage but they can really help to add drama and interest to your outfit. Let’s take a look!


The short cardigan goes from above your hip to skimming your bum. It doesn’t really provide much coverage in the way of helping you lengthen your shirt. So what exactly is its purpose in a modest girl’s wardrobe? It helps you add sleeves. The short cardigan has the basic function of helping you cover up your arms with a shirt or dress that doesn’t provide that. Wear it with a longer sleeveless top so that 2 pieces of clothing can help you achieve the modesty you want.

Short cardigans are also great to wear with maxi dresses and skirts, since there’s usually no need for a longer cardigan. The full skirt already provides coverage in the back, but the short cardigan helps cover your arms and sits just around your waist, giving you a flattering shape. They don’t overpower the skirt or dress and help to achieve that modest look.


The medium cardigan is longer than the short cardigan (obviously) and is sure to cover your bum. If you’re slightly larger in the back, go for a medium cardigan that is slightly loose. It might fit you well up top and around your shoulders, but might be tight around your bottom. And if you’re trying to go for a modest look, having your cardigan tight around your bum might not help you achieve that…

The obvious function of the medium cardigan is to help elongate those short tops. Sometimes there are shirts are nice, maybe even with long sleeves, but their only failing is that they’re short. Add a medium cardigan on top and problem solved! Of course you don’t have to wear them only with short tops. These cardigans also look nice with tops or dresses of the same length to give a more seamless look.


The maxi cardigan is slightly new to the scene, but it is a welcome sight! The maxi cardigan is loose and flows and provides the most coverage. Depending on the cut and style, maxi cardigans can add a feminine touch to your outfit, if you want to.

Maxi cardigans are a piece of clothing that look fabulous with both pants and skirts/dresses. Wear it on top of a pair of pants and a slightly shorter top to achieve a modest, chic look. Or wear it on top of your already modest maxi dress or skirt for some added drama and femininity. They’re a great look for Spring as well, since they’re usually loose and flow nicely so they’re not too bulky or warm.


The asymmetrical cardigan also adds some drama and interest to your outfit. It’s a cardigan that has overlapping layers in the front that usually fall gracefully. Depending on the cut, it can be worn on it’s own as a shirt, since it’s likely that no one will see what you’re wearing underneath, because of all the layers in front. This makes it a very versatile piece! Asymmetrical cardigans can come in both thick and light fabrics, and so depending on the thickness, they can be worn in colder and warmer temperatures.

These also look nice with both pants and skirts/dresses. Add them on top of pants and maybe a top that might a bit snug for a full covering look. Or if you want to add some dimension to your outfit of a maxi skirt or dress, you can do that too; try adding a belt for some additional interest.

When picking up an asymmetrical cardigan, go for one that is slightly longer in the back as well. You’ll definitely be getting coverage in the front, but try and get some in the back too so that it can be worn as a top on it’s own. You’ll get the most value out of it that way.


It’s no question that the cardigan is a piece of clothing that helps girls achieve modest looks. It has so many different ways that it can help you achieve coverage. But it’s also an item that can add depth and dimension to your outfit. Instead of always going for plain, coloured cardigans in every colour of the rainbow, look for cardigans with texture, patterns, and different cuts.

We hope you found that helpful!

With love.


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