• hair care tips for hijabis
    Hair Care Tips for Hijabis
    Posted in: Life

    Contrary to popular belief, hijabis are not bald under their hijabs! Even though our hair is protected from the natural elements (wind, sunlight, snow, rain, etc.), that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of it. Often times, we can forget to take care of our hair properly, because so often it’s out of sight, […]

  • eid outfit lookbook
    Eid Outfit Lookbook
    Posted in: Fashion

    It’s almost time for Eid, girlies! Whether you’ve decided your Eid outfit already or whether you’re still mulling it over, I’ve put together an Eid outfit lookbook for you all! Eid is a celebration and it’s a wonderful reason to get dressed up, go to the masjid, enjoy with family and friends, and make lots […]

  • everyday hijab tutorials
    Everyday Hijab Tutorials
    Posted in: Fashion

    Recently, many of you have requested tips on how to wear hijab, what scarves to use, and how to style them. And so to answer your questions, I’ve compiled a collection everyday hijab tutorials for you in one place, hijab styles that are easy, fuss free, and perfect for everyday. There is no right or […]

  • not fasting in ramadan
    Muslim Girl Problems: Not Fasting in Ramadan
    Posted in: Faith, Life

    We all know about that time of the month where girls can’t fast during Ramadan, and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that since it is the way Allah made things. Not fasting in Ramadan can make some girls feel like they’re missing out on Ramadan and all the blessings it offers, just because they […]

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