• dealing with unsupportive family
    Hijabi Tips: Dealing with Unsupportive Family
    Posted in: Life

    So you decided to wear hijab? Congratulations! Making the decision to wear hijab is a monumental one and one that has huge ramifications on your life, whether you think it will or won’t. You might think that after making the decision to wear hijab that life will be sunshine and daisies, but unfortunately that’s not […]

  • how to layer for Fall
    The Look of Layering: How to Layer for Fall
    Posted in: Fashion

    Fall is the season for layering. Not only does it look nice, it also provides the dual purpose of keeping you warm in the cooler weather. Instead of busting out your winter coat, layer on your clothes to keep more cozy! There are so many ways to layer your clothes; you can layer textures, colours, […]

  • How to Get Out of a Style Rut
    How to Get Out of a Style Rut
    Posted in: Fashion

    Do you constantly find yourself reaching for the same tried and true outfits in your closet? When shopping, do you find yourself buying the same cut and colour of clothes only to go home and realise you own 3 other pieces in the same style? When looking through pictures, do you realise that all your […]

  • Intentions
    Daily Dose of Deen: Intentions
    Posted in: Faith

    Prior to doing anything, we usually think about why we’re doing something and what we hope to gain from it. This is our intention. As many of you know, Allah does not merely judge us based on our actions, but also on our intentions. We can do the most amazing things, we can pray five […]

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