• finding your path in life
    Finding Your Path in Life
    Posted in: Life

    As a student, it can be difficult finding your path in life. There are so many career paths and choices, and usually advice from family and friends, that it can be tricky focusing on what you want to do with your life. You can get stuck between deciding whether money is a large factor in […]

  • Bridal HIjab Looks
    Bridal Hijab Looks
    Posted in: Fashion

    As a bride, there are probably a hundred thousand things on your mind as you prepare for your big day. One of those things is probably how you’re going to wear your hijab. For brides of some cultures, incorporating hijab into the traditional wedding dress might be tricky, while for others, it might already be […]

  • Winter Hijab Styles Gallery
    Winter Hijab Styles
    Posted in: Fashion

    Trying to stay warm is never hard for a hijabi, especially with all the layers you usually have to don to keep covered.¬†Layering up is¬†perfect for the winter, especially with the frigid temperatures. For some, wearing so many layers on our bodies is more than enough and so we tend to keep our hijab styles […]

  • make everyday valentine's day
    Make Everyday Valentine’s Day: The Little Things
    Posted in: Life, Love

    So it’s that time of year again: February aka the Love Month. It’s that time of year again when heart-shaped everything is in, as well as the colour red, pink, and white. And the only way to profess your love to someone is apparently by participating in this festive occasion by giving chocolates and flowers […]

  • evermodest
    Review: everModest
    Posted in: Fashion

    “Modest can be stylish too,” writes Hannah Saleem, the owner and creator of, an online shopping and browsing experience that is aimed at women who want to dress modestly. UK based, everModest is a combination of Polyvore and a shopping site, in the words of the Saleem. Users can browse thousands of articles of […]

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