How to Know If You’re Having a Bad Hijab Day

How to Know If You're Having a Bad Hijab Day

Bad hijab days are just like having bad hair days. They are annoying and often make no sense. They can creep up on us unexpected. It could be from a scarf you’ve used countless times. So what exactly makes a regular hijab day into a bad hijab day?

  • Your favourite scarf has suddenly transformed. You’ve worn this scarf countless times but suddenly there isn’t enough coverage in the back or the front or on the sides. Did it somehow shrink in the wash or shrivel up hanging in your closet?
  • Getting those voluminous folds somehow seems impossible. Either your hijab is too flat, making you look bald, or too puffy, making you look like a muffin top on your head. Both are undesirable
  • Pins. Enough said. You love ’em, you hate ’em. They keep your hijab together but they can somehow fall off randomly and disappear on you. They can lodge themselves in your scalp as you force them down to tame the fabric. They can prick your chin, forming a permanent mark, as you wrestle to keep it all together.
  • You have nothing to wear! You might have a million scarves stashed in your closet or in your drawers, but somehow when you’re looking for a particular style or colour or fabric, you come up with zilch. Which means wearing an un-matching, unflattering hijab.
  • Trying a new style. Sometimes you get bored with wearing the same style! So what’s a girl to do? Open up Youtube or check out your favourite hijabi blogger/fashion guru on instagram and try to somehow replicate their amazing style. The result? Definitely not something picture-worthy.
  • Buying the beautiful scarf that makes a terrible hijab. Many of us know this already: beautiful scarves do not equal beautiful hijabs. And we’ve all bought plenty of beautiful scarves, whether it’s for their texture or print or colour scheme, etc. only to come only to try and wrangle it on top of our heads to discover that it’s not an ideal hijab. It could be too slippery or too small or have too many tassels. It might not be meant as a hijab, but it would make a perfect accessory around your neck!

Have you ever had a bad hijab day?


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