Hijabi Tips: Homemade No-Snag Hijab Pins

homemade no-snag hijab pins

If you’re a hijabi, or even someone who’s worn a scarf and have used a safety pin to pin it, you’ll know the problem that often plagues those that wear a hijab: getting your scarf caught in the circular loop of the safety pin. That’s where homemade no-snag hijab pins come in so handy!

Safety pins are a very handy tool. You can even use them to make your necklaces longer, especially when wearing a necklace with hijab! But wearing them in your scarf to pin under your chin is a cause for disaster. Why? Because the fabric, no matter what kind of scarf you’re wearing, is bound to get caught by the safety pin, thus causing it to snag or even rip as you try to tug it through. And no one likes seeing holes in their favourite scarves!

Islamic retailers have come up with a solution to this pesky problem and they’re called no-snag hijab pins. They’re usually black, but can also come in a variety of different colours, and are made specifically for hijabis and to prevent fabric from snagging in them by encasing the pin in plastic.

While these pins are wonderful for hijabis, they can sometimes be tricky to find. But making your own homemade no-snag hijab pin has never been easier! All you really need is a safety pin and the back, clear rubbery piece of an earring.

homemade no-snag hijab pins

All you need to do is push the clear rubbery piece from the back of an earring through the pin until it rests on the circular loop of the pin aka the hijab ruiner. That’s it! Now you have your own homemade no-snag hijab pin without spending any money.

The clear rubbery piece prevents the fabric from getting caught in the circular loop, thus protecting your scarf. It’s a great way to use things that you probably already have lying around your house.

So if you’re tired of ruining countless scarves by evil safety pins, make your own homemade no-snag hijab pins in a matter of seconds and never ruin a beautiful scarf again!

Hope you beautiful girls found this useful!

With love.


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