Hijab Organization Tips

If you’re a hijabi or just a scarf collector, chances are you have a LOT of scarves! And if you have a lot of scarves or hijabs, you might be struggling with how to organize them all.

Over the years I’ve been a hijabi, I’ve accumulated a lot of scarves. Originally, I began by rolling them up and putting them in a drawer. But as I bought more hijabs, I ran out of drawer space, and I realised my organization technique wasn’t conducive since rolling and unrolling my scarves was just too tedious.

So I began researching different ways to organize my scarves, and my, were there many!

Here, you’ll find a few different ideas on how to organize your hijabs. There are some ready-made solutions that can be found in stores and then there are some DIY solutions. So keep in mind your budget and how much time you have to devote to creating some of these solutions. Let’s get started!

hijab organization

hijab organization

1. Shelves

You can easily store your scarves in the shelving units you already have at home or buy some economical ones from Ikea. This is a good organizing solution for someone who has a lot of scarves and wants to maximize the space to store them. Folding might be tough, especially when you want to get a hijab underneath a bunch of others, and so I prefer rolling scarves up; they’re easy to store and easy to find!

hijab organization

2. Custom Storage

If you’re getting a custom closet made, why not add a hijab storage shelf while you’re at it? This solution is probably the most expensive organization tip, but probably the most effective! You can probably custom design the width of each unit to suit the width of your scarves and add as many units that suit your hijab organization needs!

hijab organization

3. Baskets and Bins

Another cost-effective solution to organize your hijabs if you don’t want to invest in a piece of furniture are fabric bins or baskets. These are especially useful because you can pick them up at the dollar store or big department stores, like Wal-Mart of Target, and they don’t cost very much. By rolling up your scarves and placing them length-wise in the bin, it’ll be easier to find the ones you’re looking for. Also, they’re easy to store under the bed or in the closet.

hijab organization hijab organization

4. Ready-made hangers

Buying hangers that are already made for hanging scarves or other accessories is another great way to organize your hijabs. The KOMPLEMENT white hanger from Ikea is a very popular one, and many of you might already be using it. If you don’t have an Ikea near you, you can also check your local home store, since a lot of retailers sell scarf hangers now.

But if you can’t find a hanger that is specifically made for hijabs, you can re-purpose a hanger for trousers and use that to hang and organize hijabs. It’s another way that’s both cost-effective and easy to organize and maintain.

hijab organization

5. DIY Hangers and Shower Curtain Rings

If you’re in the mood for a little do-it-yourself, why not grab a package of shower cap rings from your local home store and add them to hangers you probably already own? What I love about this organization solution is that it reuses materials you probably already have lying around in your house! It doesn’t involve any tools either, and taking the hijabs out of the hanger and putting them back on is a breeze. It’s especially good for those days when you don’t have time to fold each scarf back up; just pull when you want to wear one and loop it back through at the end of the day. Easy!

And those are some of my tips for organizing your hijabs! If you’re looking for more neat ways to store your hijabs, do check out my Pinterest, for these and other pictures and organizing solutions.

Hope you found this useful. 🙂

Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.


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