the muslim girl blog

The Muslim Girl blog joined the internet in the spring of 2014, but it was lurking in the mind of The Muslim Girl for many years before.

Growing up as a teenager in the West, The Muslim Girl spent many years reading teen magazines that related very little to her life. She wanted a teen magazine that gave her advice on the things she was dealing with as a teen, like how best to wear a helmet with her hijab and how to talk to boys without going to Hell, but alas there was nothing.

As an adult, The Muslim Girl returned to her idea of a Muslim girls lifestyle magazine. She wanted young girls growing up today to have a magazine that was relevant to them and spoke to them so they could grow up strong Muslim women. But instead of a paper magazine, she turned the idea into a blog, which is when The Muslim Girl was born!

It’s a place where¬†Muslim girls, both young and old, can to read and discuss ideas around faith, fashion, life, and love, in a way that is fun and useful to them.

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Thanks for visiting, and hope you find it useful!

With love.

Disclaimer: The Muslim Girl is a personal blog and is in no way a religious or legal reference. For any matters involving Islamic law, contact your local Imam.