10 New Hijab Tutorials to Try

10 New HIjab Tutorials to Try

If you’re a hijabi, chances are you often find yourself getting bored with your current hijab style. For some of us who have been wearing hijab for years, we might have settled upon a standard style that’s quick and easy, and requires little to no effort.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with different styles! There are so many different styles out there, all depending on the material of the scarf, the size, your personal preference, cultural styles, etc. that there really isn’t any ‘right’ way to go about it.

So if you’re looking for a new and different way to wear your hijab, check these Hijab Tutorials below!

Hijab Tutorials


This appears to be a large square scarf hijab tutorial. Square scarves can be tricky to manoeuvre, but this tutorial shows how you can get ample coverage and make it look interesting by adding some dimension to the top. This would also work with a rectangle scarf, but you would need to distribute both sides a little more.


This style is all the chiffon scarf and the loose style. Having a chiffon or slightly thin scarf makes the fabric easier to work with, and also lets you drape a little bit of fabric on the side. Given the fact that the fabric is quite sheer, you would need to make sure you have ample coverage underneath, probably by wearing a turtleneck to cover up the neck because the fabric will probably be see-through.


This style is great because of it’s versatility. By the end, you’re left with a long piece of fabric that you can leave or you can tuck under for more coverage. It starts off rather loose, without a pin under the chin, which you can leave. Or you can neaten it up by pinning it after.

Hijab Tutorials


This is another style that’s quite lose around the face. Instead of pinning it under the chin, this style pins somewhere around the ear area, giving the area under your chin a break from pesky pins! With the two dangling ends, this style is great for any scarf that’s extra long, but not wide. It’s also a style that doesn’t have layers upon layers of fabric heaped upon the head which makes it loose and easy to wear.

Hijab Tutorials


This style is quite similar to the one above in that it leaves you with two loose, dangling ends. But this one connects them by using an accessory. You can easily pin the two dangling pieces together or even leave them be. What’s great about this style is that it uses no pins, and is easy to throw on and get out the door!

Hijab Tutorials


This is another square style hijab tutorial using a larger scarf. It’s simple and easy to do, and gives you coverage both in the front and the back.

Hijab Tutorials


Here’s another super quick and simple style, that takes minutes to throw on! It’s loose and easy, and requires no pins. Because of the width of the scarf, the two dangling ends give you good coverage in the front while the top is loose and breathable. Which makes this scarf perfect for summer.

Hijab Tutorials


This style focuses on the use of adding a headband to the look, but you could easily recreate this look without a headband. This style uses a thin, chiffon scarf to achieve it’s gathered layers around the chest area, which is what gives it its elegance. You could also leave the long piece draping on the side in step 8 as it is, or you can twist it up and layer it to the top, to give yourself more dimension.

Hijab Tutorials


This is another style that’s rather loose, and perfect for hot days. It’s a style that relies on you having your neck covered by a turtleneck, as it’s quite loose around the neck area. It results in some nice folds along the chest area, as well as some volume on top.

Hijab Tutorials


This is a totally unique style in that it leaves you with some lovely twisted fabric in the front, which is very different from many other styles. It also requires you to have proper neck coverage, as your neck is bound to be visible under the twisted pieces of fabric.

And there you have it! 10 new and different hijab tutorials to try out.


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