Winter Hijab Styles

Trying to stay warm is never hard for a hijabi, especially with all the layers you usually have to don to keep covered. Layering up is perfect for the winter, especially with the frigid temperatures.

For some, wearing so many layers on our bodies is more than enough and so we tend to keep our hijab styles simple. But there are ways you can add some layers to your hijab to keep warm around your head and neck. Because, despite popular opinion, hijabis’ heads still feel cold in the Winter!

So layer up and add some variety to your winter hijab styles to keep cozy and cute.

Winter Hijab Styles

Fur Stole

Fake fur, of course! Adding a fur stole to your outfit adds a level a sophistication and glamour that a regular scarf probably won’t. It’s thin enough so that it doesn’t drown your neck or face, yet also cozy enough to provide you with that extra warmth on those icy cold days.

Fur stoles look great with fancier outfits, since they aren’t bulky and are quite elegant. You can also drape them in different ways to change up your look, and because the texture is different from your scarves, you won’t end up looking like you have no neck.

Winter HIjab Styles

Thick Pashmina

Instead of wrapping something else around your neck, why not change up your actual hijab for the winter? Some of us prefer thin scarves with which we can add lots of volume and folds, but this can get tiresome in the winter, especially when you layer with another scarf. So try changing it up with a long, thick pashmina that you can wrap loosely around your face. Use the bulk to cover your neck and chest area and drape the extra pieces over your shoulders.

It is a bulky look, but it will keep you warm, especially on those freezing cold days!

Winter HIjab Styles


We often wear our hijab over high neck sweaters and tops, but why not wear our sweater over our hijab? It’s a totally different look and gives you some extra warmth! Choose a cozy, thick knit sweater and make sure you layer up. Instead of wearing the sweater and then putting your hijab on after, put on your hijab first and then wear the turtleneck sweater after. Opt for a style that is tight and close to the head, instead of with loose folds to keep the bulkiness to a minimum.

Winter HIjab Styles

Chunky Scarf

Play with the textures of your outfit by adding a chunky, thick-knit scarf. Some hijabis are wary of adding a scarf for fear of bulkiness, but try not to think of it as bulkiness. Think of it as adding texture. Especially in the winter, chunky, cable-knit scarves add a level of texture, and of course warmth. Again, keep your hijab style neat and tidy, so there isn’t too much loose fabric.

You can pair a patterned hijab with a plain scarf, or vice versa or stick to just plain for both. Have fun with it!

Winter HIjab Styles

Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are another way you can layer up and feel warm. Because of their size, blanket scarves might seem overwhelming at first, especially because of all the fabric, but they really aren’t! Try folding it length-wise and then wrapping it loosely around your neck a few times. No need to make it tight, just layer the fabric across your neck and chest. Or drape it tightly around your neck and then let it hang down both sides. Bonus: when you’re cold, use it as a blanket or shawl!

There are so many different ways you can update your winter hijab styles to be cozy and stylish. Try one of them today!

Hope you found this useful!

With love.


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