Why I’m Muslim


Some of you may have been born Muslim. Some of you may have converted or reverted to Islam.

Many of you might be struggling with being Muslim. It might be a challenge for you. It might cause you stress and hardship on a daily basic. You might get called names. You might be ridiculed and mocked and harassed and discriminated against. You might hate yourself. You might even ask Allah, why did you make life so difficult for me? Dear God, why am I Muslim?

I’m not going to deny that life for Muslims has recently become a lot more challenging. After recent events in the past fifteen years, being a Muslim, especially in the West, is difficult. There’s a lot of rampant racism and discrimination, both covert and overt, that can make day-to-day life very tricky. Whether it’s because you wear a hijab or niqab or have a beard or a kufi or even if your name sounds remotely Muslim, chances are you have heard some comment or insult about your faith. Living in such hostile environments can make anyone wonder why God choose to burden them with such hardships.

But I’m here to remind you that Allah does not “burden a soul beyond that it can bear” (Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 286). In plain words, you can handle this.

Yes, practicing Islam, especially in the West and in light of recent events, can be challenging. Yes, sometimes it can feel like God is unduly trying you. Yes, sometimes it feels like everything is set up against you. But you were made to handle this.

Allah does not burden anyone with hardships more than he or she can handle. Anything and everything that has come your way has not been to break you, but to make you stronger. And you will find that the next time a hardship comes your way, you are ready.

Allah tests us is many ways, and some of those tests come in the way of hardships and struggles that we face everyday. And sometimes these hardships can cause us confusion and anger, especially as we wonder why it us that is being tested in this way.

But seek guidance from Him and ask Him to help you pass the tests with flying colours and to make things easier for you. Allah may not lay petals of roses on your path through the world, but He may deck you with the armour to help you move past the thorns that will greet you.

So suit up, my dears, and don’t ask why, but say alhamdulilah.

Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.


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