What to Wear to Graduation

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It’s only April but it’s never too early to start thinking about what to wear to graduation! Some of you might be graduating in May or June, which means you have just enough to time to think about what you’re going to wear.

Whether you’re graduating from high school, university, or grad school, there’s no doubt that graduation is a special occasion and you want to dress up for it! Luckily, most graduation ceremonies take place in the summer which lends itself nicely to summer clothes and bright colours. Many of you might be donning a graduation gown and cap, which doesn’t really affect your outfit, despite what many of you might think.

So take a look at some of these ideas for what to wear to graduation.


Footwear is an important aspect of your graduation outfit, because you might be spending a large portion of the ceremony standing around or walking from one place to another. So it’s important to wear shoes that are comfortable, yet also look nice because under the gown, because your legs and shoes are pretty much the only thing you can see! So you might want to pick shoes that are fancy and dressy for your big day.

Many of you might have part or all of your graduation ceremony outside and so heels aren’t usually the best option. Wearing stilettos or other thin heels might make it hard for you to stand in the grass, so wedges are a nice replacement. They give you height without being too uncomfortable and provide your foot with good support in the grass. If wedges aren’t really your thing, there are lots of sparkly and formal style flats that are also a good option. The important thing is to be comfortable, because graduation ceremonies tend to be lengthy.


Given the fact that graduation is in the summer, maxi skirts and dresses lend themselves well to the occasion. Given their airy design, they’re perfect for the hot summer days on which your ceremony might be held. Choose materials that are lightweight and provide movement, because your heavy nylon gown probably won’t provide too much breathe-ability!

You can pick something that’s printed all over or something that has a print or motif on the bottom that can be seen from the bottom of your graduation gown for a fun look. Go for bold summer colours like yellow or green or bright pink, depending on the colour of your gown. If you pick a maxi skirt, pick a dressy top you can tuck into it. If it’s not too warm, you can also add a blazer on top to dress it up but be careful not to overheat.


If maxi dresses and skirts aren’t really your thing, there’s no reason why you can’t wear pants. Obviously jeans aren’t really forma;, but there is no reason why you can’t wear dressy or formal pants to graduation.

Again, there’s no reason why you have to be boring if you choose to wear pants. You can pick something in a bold colour and pair it with a fun, printed top. Or you can go with neutrals and pair with a floral top.

Linen pants are another lightweight option, especially in comparison to stiff dress pants. They come in a combination of light and dark colours and can thus be dressed up for the occasion.


Many girls get stuck on how to style their hair or hijab for graduation, especially with the graduation cap. In terms of hijab style, there isn’t really much you can do about the graduation cap looking funny on top. It’s just going to look weird no matter what so go with a style that you like and that you feel confident in. You aren’t going to be wearing your cap the whole day, so don’t stress too much about how your hijab will look with the cap. You might want to bring a few extra safety pins along, just to secure the cap on top of your hijab so it doesn’t fall down.

Some girls prefer to tuck their hijab in to their gown, while others like to keep it out. It’s totally up to you! There is no right or wrong way to style it; just go with what you think looks the best and what you’ll be comfortable in. Pick a colour that compliments your cap and gown colour, and not one that clashes horribly with it. Steer away from neon colours, unless your gown and cap are black. A printed scarf is a nice way to break up the colour monotony as well.

In terms of hair styles, many girls opt to keep their hair out since it’s a look that compliments the cap. You can straighten your hair or lightly curl it to give it some volume. If it’s really hot and you want to keep the hair off your face, you can also go for a low bun or ponytail, something chic.

And there you have it! Some tips on what to wear to graduation in a way that’s stylish and modest. But no matter what you wear, just enjoy the day. You’ve worked hard to earn this, so celebrate!

Hope that helps.

With love.


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