Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him

February is upon us and if you’re not already sick of all the commercialized hearts in every store window yet, you will be soon!

February is often regarded as the month of LOVE, but we all know that each and every day is an opportunity to express your love to those around you, whether they’re your husband or wife, parents, siblings, or friends.

But today’s post is all about the love between husbands and wives. Many of us are so busy in our daily routines that we forget to show our spouse that we love them. We’re not talking grand romantic gestures, like the ones you see in moves, but just little things that you can do every day. Things that probably only take a few minutes to prepare and do, but can really brighten up your husband’s day and put a smile on his face.

So without further ado, let’s get started!


Food is such an integral part of our lives, that we all love when someone makes us something we love to eat! Regardless of whether you usually cook or he usually does, making him his favourite meal is sure to put a smile on his face (and make his stomach happy).

It doesn’t have to be a 5 course meal to make a statement. It can be something he hasn’t had in awhile or something he’s been craving for ages or something you both had and loved at a restaurant. It could also be breakfast in bed on the weekend when you both have time to spend together, or even just a yummy breakfast which would be a surprise during the weekdays. Or it could be a delicious dessert!

Whatever it is, big or small, taking the time to make something with your own two hands for your husband, which is sure to make him happy.


This can be easier said than done! But think about how good you feel when someone important to you asks you about your interests and hobbies. So whether it’s sports, entertainment, travel, or something else, ask your husband about it. If he’s watching a sport you don’t understand or have never watched, watch it with him! You be lost for a bit, but he’ll definitely appreciate you taking the time out to do something with him that he enjoys.


We all communicate via text but chances are the days of sending cute, romantic texts to your hubby are gone. You might be stuck in a rut of asking him when he’s coming home or if a list of grocery items. But change things up by sending him a cute and fun text. Tell him he looked good this morning or how you can’t wait till he comes home or how happy it makes you.

It can be quick and only a few words, but it could light up his whole day! Make it a habit to send him a cute text every few days and watch how happy it makes him.


You don’t need to wait for his birthday or your anniversary to write him a heartfelt letter or card. There’s something special about writing things by hand, especially in this day and age of technology. So take some time to write your husband a letter expressing your feelings. You don’t need a store bought card or even fancy stationary. Just grab some lined paper and tell him how he makes you feel.

You can slip the letter into his lunch so he sees it at work or you can put it on his pillow so he sees it when he comes home.


It seems so simple, but it’s such a quick and effective way to express your love to your hubby! Hugs have been proven to be a surefire way to reduce stress and anxiety and increase a sense of connection. They’re a great way to express love and affection in a relationship, regardless of who initiates them.

Hug your hubby goodbye in the morning or hug him hello in the evening or do both. Hug him when you’re going to sleep at night, hug him when he’s stressed or tired, or hug him when he’s in a good mood. No matter the time of day, just hug him!


So many of us take our spouses for granted, especially if we’ve been married for a few years now. It can be hard to keep track of all the things your husband does for you when they become part of the daily routine. But it’s so important to remember those things and appreciate him for them.

Let him know how much you appreciate him taking out the trash or making dinner or taking you out or helping you with a problem. We all like to be acknowledged and appreciated, and our husbands are no different! They might act like what they’re doing is no big deal, but telling him that you recognize his hard work is so important.

Similarly, give him a compliment! Tell him how good he looks or how good he is at something. It’s another way to show your husband how much you love him.


Showing your spouse that you love them is so important! Especially since many of us get stuck in a rut and a routine of doing the same things, it can seem like there’s no more love in our marriage. But that isn’t often the case: the love is still there, it’s just a little harder to see. So take time to express yourself and use these ways to show your husband you love him. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion, it can just be any day of the week. But by showing your love to your husband, you’ll make it a special day for him.

With love.


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