Aren’t You Hot in That? Tips on Staying Cool in the Summer

tips on staying cool in the summer

So is that wonderful time of year again: summer. Or as I like to call it, the ‘aren’t you hot in that?’ season of the year. If you dress modestly, no doubt you have heard this phrase before and might have even countered back wittily. But today I’m here to provide you with some tips on staying cool in the summer, while still covering up and not suffering from heatstroke.

tips on staying cool in summer

Long Sleeve Tops or Dresses

Yes, they’re hard to find, but if you can somehow find a long sleeve top or dress, grab it! Minimize the amount of clothing you actually wear by opting for items of clothing that cover more. So instead of wearing two shirts, wear one. Long sleeve maxi dresses are even harder to come by, but how wonderful would it be to find a long sleeve maxi dress so you don’t need to layer at all?

tips on staying cool in summer

Ditch the Cardigans

I love cardigans as a cover up way as well, but they can really cause you to overheat when paired with so many layers. So if you do want to wear a cardigan, wear a short sleeve t-shirt or tank top underneath whatever else you’re wearing so that at least your arms aren’t covered in so many layers of fabric.

tips on staying cool in summer

Choose Skirts or Dresses

Skip the pants in the summer, and instead opt for maxi skirts and dresses, which are looser and allow for better air circulation. They’re easy to dress up or down, and help you stay cooler in the hot days. When wearing your maxi dresses, pair them with long sleeve t-shirts instead of cardigans or blazers for a lighter feel.

tips on staying cool in summer

Choose Fabrics Carefully

If you have to layer, choose fabrics that are breathable and thinner. So leave the cardigans, the knitwear, and jeans, and instead opt for cotton and cotton-blends which will help your skin breathe more and prevent you from overheating. Linen is another breathable fabric, and linen pants are a great alternative to jeans and slacks.

tips on staying cool in summer


If you wear a hijab, summer can be even more brutal for you, in terms of trying to stay cool. Again, leave your thicker fabric scarves, like pashminas, behind and instead choose cotton and polyester fabrics that will help you have some air circulation. If you wear an underscarf, opt for a headband instead to keep your hair in place so that the rest of your head can breathe and isn’t suffocated in fabric. If you tie your hijab tightly throughout the year, try a new hijab style that isn’t so tight around your head during the hotter months and try a new looser style. Amenakin has a few styles on her channel, but her Summer Hijab Tutorial boasts no pins or underscarf, which makes it a popular option for summer.

And there you have it, beautiful girls! 5 tips on staying cool in the summer while being modest, but still looking chic.

Hope you found these tips useful! Keep smiling.

With love.


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