The Secret to Happiness

the secret to happiness

In a world that’s constantly racing against the clock, where we hardly have time for ourselves, let alone for our loved ones, many of us don’t often feel happy. Many of us have paper thin patience and often feel frustrated and disappointed in our circumstances and our lot in life.

In a world that’s constantly becoming smaller, we can easily see what our neighbours across the world have and can’t help but feel resentment and jealously at other people’s lives, as we feel like some people have it easier.

We are constantly battling with feelings of resentment and annoyance as we feel like we are the only ones who are having a hard time in the world. When we are faced with a struggle, we find ourselves staring at the heavens and saying, “Why me?”

So do you want to know the secret to happiness?


The secret to being happy is being grateful. It sounds easier said than done, but it is a key component to finding happiness.

No matter what curve ball you’re faced with, be grateful. Because no matter how bad things are, it could always be worse. And sometimes it takes things getting worse before we realise how ungrateful we were.

Yes, there are so many people out there who have it better than you. But there are so many others who have it even worse. Nobody’s life out there is perfect, no matter how much it appears to be.

In the good, it’s easy to be grateful. When things are going our way, it’s easy to be thankful to God. But when things get tough, we only think of the mile long list of complaints we have for God. We find it hard to think of the good things and to be grateful. But this is the most important time to be grateful. Because simply thinking of the good even during the bad is what will change your entire outlook.

This is not meant to minimize any of the struggles you’re facing or the obstacles you have to come. This is simply a way to find light in the darkness, to smile even though you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Think of the good, despite the bad. Make a list of things that currently make you happy or the positives in any negative situation. You might not be able to change a particular situation, but you can definitely change how you feel about it if you change how you think about it. It might not be the most ideal situation but find something, anything, that is positive and hold onto it. Take that happy thought and let it fill you until all you focus on is the good, and not the bad.

Being grateful does not mean that you stop trying to make things better or that you stop praying for a change. It simply means acknowledging that yes, things aren’t ideal right now, but they could be worse. And you’re willing to take things as they come, and pray for better days.

So be happy with whatever God puts in front of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You might not have it all, but then again, no one does. You might not have millions in the bank, but you might have a degree on the wall. You might not have a degree on the wall, but you might have a job that provides for your needs. You might not have a job, but you might have parents who take care of you. You might not have parents, but you might have friends who love you and support you. And so forth.

Find happiness in the big and the small. When life doesn’t go your way, find beauty and peace in the surprises that you find along the way. There are plenty of reasons to smile.

With love.


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