The Power of Submission

The Power of Submission

Bismillahi ‘rahmani ‘raheem

Before coming to Islam two months ago, I thought that Islam meant peace like many non Muslims think. It was a huge ‘aha moment’ when I realized that Islam actually means submission.

I’m learning that peace is an end result of submission. The peace comes when we are in alignment with Allah’s will for us. I do not know of one human being who does not want peace in their lives and in their hearts. We all want tranquility and stability. The name of the deen itself should be a sign to us, a reminder that we should be in a state of submission to Allah always.

Here are the two aspects of submission that I’m learning so far:


The state of surrender is one of entrusting ourselves and our affairs to another. Many are the times we try to be in control of things that are beyond us. We end up being stressed out when we try to figure out anything. Allah in The Qur’an refers to Himself as The All Knowing, The All Aware, The Expert and The Most Wise severally. I realized that it is a blessing to not know it all! Why? Because only Allah does. Allah is All Sufficient. Only He can bear our burdens and replace difficulty with ease. So the next time you hit a roadblock in your life, remember that you’re in the perfect position to be guided by Allah. When you don’t know it all, you’re the best candidate to be rescued by an All Knowing God. Isn’t that amazing? To know that our flaws and troubles are the qualifications we need to be recipients of Allah’s mercy?

Having this understanding of Allah is the key to surrender. Know that you are the created and that your salvation comes from total dependence on The Creator alone.


This is the implementation of the obligations that Allah gives us and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). We are part of a generation where following instructions seems weak and boring, but there can be no submission without obedience. Following Allah’s commands with a cheerful attitude is pleasing to Him. Sometimes I have found it easier to perform voluntary acts of worship and good deeds more than the obligatory acts such as the daily prayers. I had to learn to put my intentions in check, knowing that any act of worship I perform is for Allah only. It can be tempting to seek validation and praise from others. Islam has many outward signs such as our mode of dressing, our specific praying procedures and so on. We Muslims stand out among people of other faiths, but we should be careful not to use this to try to exalt ourselves. Allah surely rewards those whose intentions are pure. The more we love Allah, the more we should desire to obey Him. When we make a mistake, He is The Most Merciful. All we have to do is to check our intentions and be genuinely obedient. The more obedient we are, the more we will see the benefit of it. There will be so much peace in our lives. Things become easier to handle and life feels beautiful. The best reward of all the many rewards that Allah generously bestows on His obedient servants is the feeling of satisfaction you get within you knowing that Allah is pleased with you. This will drive you to be even more committed to obeying Allah, and this positive cycle will continue.

May we all be submissive to Allah. Ameen

by Samantha


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