The Point of Ramadan


The Point of Ramadan

This beautiful Ramadan we all have a wonderful chance, one that could leave us changed in many ways. Two years ago I decided to take hold of it with the hope that maybe the Ramadan of 2014 will transform me into someone totally different. The reason being my desperate urge to leave who I was behind and to become what my Master wanted me to be. In short words I just wanted to become a better Muslim. So in this episode I want to share some practical advice, as a reminder for all of us, which we must hold onto in the hope that we may come closer to our Deen.

This month is definitely about coming near to Allah, through His Book, but in order for us to approach that, we have got to put a stop to our daily distractions. I have a clear idea that for most of us this is not easy but anyhow we have go to cut down on our all year favorites, which means no YouTube or Netflix during Ramadan. As we have summer vacations now, many of us must be all geared up for playing unlimited amount of games on Xbox or PlayStation and this plan might not change in Ramadan too. However it has got to change. Leave the games behind. Moving on we all pretty much know our addictions. We have applications on our mobile phones that we are obsessed with. This upcoming month uninstall them all. All the efforts that we’ll make are a part of us perfecting Ramadan and taking advantage of these good thirty days.

Now that all of the disruption supply has been blocked, spend time with the Qur’an and try to fulfill its right over you by memorizing a certain portion of it. For many of us it might be the first time we actually try to store Qur’an in our hearts and for some it might be something they frequently do. Make an aim that every day, during Ramadan, you are going to sit with the Qur’an for an hour and try to memorize whichever chapter you choose for yourself. Before we even try to remember that we can’t read the Qur’an with perfect Tajweed let alone memorize it, let’s remind ourselves that the internet is full of recitations of the Qur’an. We can pick any slow recitation for our ease and try to memorize with its help. Read a verse ten times while looking at it and then again ten times without looking. Do similarly with the next verse. Once we have got two verses memorized, go through them together ten times while looking and then again without looking. Then go on forth repeating the process. We just won’t be surprised at how much we can do in an hour but also with how much ease we can do it.

As I mentioned before in a previous article, Ramadan is actually a celebration of the revelation itself. This is the month when we should renew our relationship with the Book of Allah. If we turn to the beginning of ayah number 185 of Surah Al-Baqarah we learn that Allah swt says that Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an has been sent down and declares this Book a guide for mankind. Notice that Allah doesn’t say that He revealed the Qur’an but rather said that the Qur’an was revealed. In English they might seem similar statements but the difference is huge rhetorically in Arabic. The thing is that Allah is highlighting the Qur’an so much so that He doesn’t even mention Himself. And He does that in order to show us its role and importance. This Ramadan is truly an opportunity for us to read and learn tremendously from this miraculous Book. As according to the ayah, that we touched briefly, the entire spirit of Ramadan is the Qur’an itself.

No doubt Ramadan is going to be quick and very busy but one last thing that can be done this month is another task of memorizing. Now don’t be scared; we can only try this if we have extra time out of our busy Ramadan schedule. If one can do it then memorizing some pretty simple du’as is a bonus. These can be our daily prayers: the ones that are made while going in and out the house or the Masjid. Or the ones which are recited at the end of the Fajr prayers. We all have books in our houses that contain small du’as; Ramadan is the time to carry some of them in our hearts.  Even if we do one du’a in two days, In sha Allah by the end of Ramadan we will know fifteen easy prayers.

I’ll conclude by saying that we should be thanking Allah for this month. And it’s because in Ramadan we were chosen to be presented with guidance, in the form of Qur’an, by Him. So from today let’s get our goals straight and truly think on how we are going to come out of Ramadan truly being close to the Qur’an and our Deen Islam.

by Safia


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