the muslim girl

The Muslim Girl is a girl just like you.

She has good hair days and bad hijab days. She likes to contemplate her life in this dunya and the hereafter. She enjoys ice cream and classic British novels. She worries about her weight and wearing heels. She loves the colour black and wearing lots of rings. She frets about the future and ponders the past. She can be curious and insecure. She strives to be modest in a culture of increasing immodesty. She wants to make a difference. She wants to help the world. She’s a girl just like you.

Ikhlas aka The Muslim Girl is a girl who grew up in the West, struggling to balance her faith, her parents’ Eastern culture, and her own Western culture. She hasn’t figured how to do it quite yet, but The Muslim Girl blog is a place where she wants to try and figure it out.

The Muslim Girl isn’t perfect. But she wants to spread some love. Join her on the journey!

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