The Coat Collection

Winter is coming and that means it’s coat weather! Coats and jackets serve the very obvious function of keeping you warm in the cold, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be statement pieces on their own.

Like many other pieces of clothing, coats come in a variety of lengths and styles now. Some are long, while some are short; some are textured, while others are bright colours. Unlike many other pieces of clothing, coats are often an investment piece. We wear the same few coats more often than other clothes, so it’s important to find one (or two) that you really love because you’ll probably be wearing it a lot in the winter.

So have a look through this collection of coats and get some ideas!

the layered coat

The layered coat, like its name suggests, comes in layers. It isn’t straight cut and features some layering of fabric in the front that makes it more interesting. Lots of layers also provides for some added warmth, since you can just pile on the extra pieces on top of one another to keep your chest warm without adding a scarf.

the dressy long coat

This is a coat that is rare, but oh so fabulous! It’s a floor-length coat that is fancier than other coats, simply because of its length and because it looks like a long dress. This is a coat that is becoming increasingly popular, especially for women who choose to dress up as it completely covers you up from top to bottom, without any of your beautiful clothes gets splashed or ruined.

It also makes a perfect coat for women who like to cover up since it’s in a dress style, and can be worn on top of abayas and maxi dresses. Its fit is classic and modest. What’s not to love?

the printed or textured coat

This is another coat that is quickly becoming more popular. If you want a coat that’s a little bit different, why not try a textured or printed coat? Going for a texture can be fun, since it can highlight your quirky personality. Lace is another texture that would look beautiful in a coat. But be careful with the pattern you end up picking for your coat; you can quickly become tired of it.

the statement coat

Black is a pretty standard coat colour, and so is camel, grey, and anything dark. But if you really want to make a statement, why not pick a bold colour? White is a popular colour, since it looks so clean and classy especially in the winter time! But it’s also a colour that easily looks dirty and any stain will show up right away so it’s one you have to be careful with. But there’s so many other colours like mustard, red, royal blue, and others that you can choose from to break away from the standard colours and to make a statement. So no matter what you’re wearing underneath, your coat will just make your outfit look so much more chic.

the poncho coat

This is more of a Fall appropriate coat, but it also makes appearances in Winter. The poncho coat is more of a loose structured coat and wraps around your body in different ways. It doesn’t always have the buttons and straight edges like a typical coat, and it often doesn’t have sleeves. This is another style that’s different and can be used to change things up. It’s more casual, so it’s perfect for laid-back days and for when the weather’s not too cold.


Coats obviously serve a purpose in keeping us warm, but now they’re able to do so much more than that: they can make a statement! There’s so many different styles you can choose from, whether it’s leather sleeves, no sleeves, a hood, a belt, military style buttons, pleats, bold colours, or lace, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

So bundle up and get ready for the cold Winter months!

Hope you found this useful.

With love.


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