Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Summer means wedding time! With summer comes an onslaught of weddings. Now with Ramadan in the middle of summer, there is usually a huge rush of weddings before or after Ramadan, as everyone is eager to plan around it.

If you’ve got a lot of weddings to go to in the remainder of the summer, you might be stuck in an outfit rut. Repeating the same outfits over and over again for the sake of convenience. But you don’t have to!

Regardless of if the wedding is in the day or night, we’ve got some summer wedding outfit ideas for you. Check them out!

Day Wedding

Day weddings are a lot of fun to dress up for. You can easily wear lighter, pastel colours and pair with fun, punchy accessories. If it’s a South Asian wedding, you can easily do bright, vibrant colours in the daytime too, like pinks and blues and yellows. If the wedding will be outdoors, pay attention to your shoes because thin heels tend to get stuck in the grass.

Evening Wedding

Dark, bold colours look great for evening weddings. Jewel toned fabrics are beautiful, especially in the summertime, and when paired with bold jewellery.

If you’re attending a South Asian wedding, best to avoid red as it’s the most common colour brides often wear on their big day. Everything else is fair game!


Because it’s summer you can also wear florals . Just be careful with the fabric and cut you wear with florals; you don’t want to look too casual! If you decide to go with florals, go with something dark so it looks a bit more formal. Pair with simple, minimalistic jewellery so as not to compete with the floral pattern. And if you’re a hijabi, pick one of the colours from the pattern to wear as a hijab to bring out the colour.


If the bride isn’t wearing white, there’s no reason why you can’t! White can look so elegant and graceful, especially in the day time. Lace details can especially dress up a white dress, regardless of whether it’s in the day or night. Pair with clean lined gold or silver jewellery and silver heels. To avoid feeling whitewashed, add a jewel toned clutch for the evening or something sparkly for the day.


Even if you do end up wearing the same outfit to a wedding, it’s easy to change up your look by changing your accessories! If you’re into head or hair jewellery, simply add a teeka, a head chain, or a headband. Change up the bangles you wear and add a different clutch. Silver and gold sandals are often the best for fancy weddings, but black always goes with everything.


Depending on your outfit, it might be best to avoid patterned scarves for weddings. Instead go with satin scarves that have a bit of a sheen and drape well. You can then dress them up with head accessories, like a teeka or a headband.

If you’re wearing a South Asian outfit, you can even wear the dupatta as your hijab! Wearing the dupatta as a hijab can sometimes be tricky, what with all the fancy borders and beadwork, but if you’re able to manipulate it, it really brings the whole outfit together. There’s usually no need to dress it up because the dupatta is already so fancy.

And there you go! Those are some summer wedding outfit ideas. Don’t forget to have fun!