How to Style Palazzo Pants

by Maryam

Palazzo pants are extremely loose, wide legged pants that are really trendy! They are (in my opinion) a must have for a modest wardrobe in order to transition into the warmer months. For the past few years these pants have been a go to for me! I am so glad that this 70s fashion trend seems to be here to stay for a while. Besides just being a really cute part of an outfit, they are comfortable, loose, and extremely lightweight! You will barely feel them on while they provide full coverage of your legs – every hijabis dream!
Here are a few ideas on how to style them:
Chambray Top – A chambray shirt mimics the look of denim while being a lightweight material that is often used for button downs. Whether you choose to button it up and tuck it in, leave it out, or unbuttoned with a shirt underneath, a chambray top provides comfort and style to the pants. The top gives you a variety of looks to play around with. It will compliment any colour or print that the pants may have. It is the perfect piece to complete a summer outfit!
Jean/Leather Jacket – A light jacket like a jean or leather one is an essential for transitioning into spring. A solid jacket compliments the flowy pants as it adds to outfit while keeping the focus on the pants. It is essential for modesty purposes as well because if the top you are wearing has short sleeves or is sleeveless it adds that extra necessary coverage. Summer nights tend to get cooler especially if you are out by the beach or near water, so having a light jacket on hand will always help you keep warm and look cute at the same time!
Lightweight Cardigan – This is necessary for hijabis! It your top is too short or you choose to tuck it into the pants, you can throw on a long lightweight cardigan to provide extra coverage. Plus it looks like an extra additive to the outfit!
Graphic T-shirts – Graphic t-shirts go with everything! You can add a graphic t-shirt to any everyday look to mix and match with different jacket options. They will look good with any print or colour the pants may have and keep the look simple. They are cute, casual and easy.
Accessories and Shoes – The best part of these pants are how easy it is to dress them up or down. You can throw on a statement necklace, add heels and a clutch for nighttime, or a floppy hat and flip-flops for the beach. Even plain white sneakers can be worn to dress things down!

These versatile pants can be styled in many different ways and can be worn all throughout this upcoming season. They are a must try if you want to incorporate a stylish trend that is modest as well. I am so excited for spring and summer to wear these looks! What are your favourite ways to wear palazzo pants?



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