Spring Wardrobe Colour Palette

Spring means a rejuvenation of life. Animals come out of hibernation, flowers bloom, trees blossom, and colour returns to the once-barren landscape.

With the return of warmth and wetness, comes a return of softer colours. Gone are the harsh colours of Fall and Winter, the murky browns of grass-less scenery, the endless grey sky, and the early black of the night.

With this rejuvenation in the weather, this is the time to rejuvenate your wardrobe! Banish those browns, greys, and blacks to the back of your closet, and return to their softer counterparts.

Like every Spring season, there is a return to softer colours in the Spring collection of every retailer. Pastel colours have made a return this year, along with beiges, yellows, and greens, and can be seen as skirts, pants, tops, cardigans, and even jackets.

Instead of opting for an entire pastel outfit, or even wardrobe, sneak them in subtly. Like last year, pastel coloured pants are in this year, and can be worn under a white or cream coloured top. Similarly, opt for a pastel cardigan over a simple dress or skirt. Pastels look lovely over or under white pieces of clothing, since it really makes the soft colour pop.

And if you’re still not feeling up to wearing pastel coloured clothing, you can still add a splash of colour by adding a softer coloured hijab or statement necklace.

For links of the above pictures and other fun pastel things, be sure to check out my Pinterest page.

Those are just some tips to lighten up your wardrobe and get ready for Spring. Hope you found it useful!

Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.


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