Self-love and Kindess

Self-love and Kindness

When travelling on an airplane we are taught what to do in case of emergency. It is to put on our oxygen mask first before helping others to do so. You can’t help others if you haven’t helped yourself first. Many of us forget this in our day to day lives as it becomes easy to put others first and care about their well being over our own. We forget that God gave us one body and we have to take care of it the best that we can and that is our priority. This means both physically and mentally.

Here are some practical ways that we can do this:

  1. Exercise and eating healthy – What we put into our bodies reflects our well being and how we feel. Taking care of our bodies with a healthy lifestyle can make us happier, feel and look better, and boost our energy so that we are able to accomplish more in each day. These are the basic needs of our body that we are responsible for.
  2. Listen to your heart – We are not always right and we don’t always make the best decisions. Despite this we have an inner dialogue for a reason. We need to trust our instincts and realize that we know ourselves better than anyone else does. Stand up for what you believe in and know that you are capable of doing the right thing. Other people will always be there to have a say but at the end of the day your feelings matter the most. Doing this will boost your confidence and can even provide you with valuable life lessons.
  3. Gratitude – The old advice of writing one thing that you are grateful for each day really works! It puts the bad days into perspective and is the perfect way to end the good ones. No matter what it helps you remember how blessed you really are.
  4. Self-respect – The first person who needs to realize how worthy of respect you are is yourself. The way you treat yourself is very telling to others on how they are able to treat you. It starts with knowing your self worth and viewing yourself positively. You then know when to draw the line when you start to be mistreated and no one deserves that.
  5. Acceptance and Appreciation – When you accept and love who you are completely and also learn to appreciate your qualities and differences, it becomes easier to accept your faults. When you make a mistake you are able to get yourself up again and move on instead of bringing yourself down.

We are our most important relationship. We must be kinder to ourselves as life is hard enough and not taking care of ourselves and loving who we are will only bring negativity into our daily lives. Once we do this we can take care of other things and people in our lives with so much more ease and happiness!

Thank you for reading! 🙂

by Maryam


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