Review: SHUKR Clothing Special Occasion Gowns

SHUKR Clothing Special Occasion Gowns

Based in the US, SHUKR Clothing has been a key player in the modest Muslim women’s fashion world since 2001. Since then, it has created modest and stylish dresses, skirts, abayas, trousers, etc. for the Muslim woman to be worn anywhere.

This year, they have introduced a new line to their clothing for women: Special Occasion Gowns. These new gowns are designed with SHUKR Clothing’s motto in mind, that beauty and modesty do not contradict one another. The Special Occasion Gowns are both beautiful and modest, and are a step up from their modest clothing designed for everyday life.

SHUKR Clothing Special Occasion Gowns

According to SHUKR Clothing’s managing partner, Anas Sillwood, “Every woman likes to look beautiful, and Muslim women are no exception. However, even when dressing up for special occasions, Muslim women like to look dignified and modest, as well as beautiful, in their clothing.” And that’s exactly what these Special Occasion Gowns do.

With beautiful, rich colours, the new gowns feature fitted sleeves, full A-line skirts, and embellishments, by way of embroidery and buttons. The bodice and sleeves are fitted, but not tight, and the sleeves feature an ingenious, almost invisible zip, which helps when performing wudu or ablutions. This attention to detail demonstrates SHUKR Clothing’s commitment to understanding Muslim women’s daily needs.

The gowns are almost all made with 100% rayon, which means that the gowns have a nice fall, especially since the skirts are full. The fabric is thick, which means there’s no need to layer underneath at all, but it also means that there is a chance of overheating when wearing the gowns on hot days.

With a small zip at the back of the neck, the gowns come in additional colours, and a wide variety of sizes, which can be deciphered via their helpful sizing guide. SHUKR Clothing’s sizing goes from small to 3XL, which means that women of all sizes can enjoy SHUKR’s modest styles. While the gowns come in different sizes, the length increases as the size increases, which does not account for the fact that a women could be a small size, but need longer length or vice versa.

While the embroidery on the neckline is double lined, so as not to chafe the chest area, the embroidery on the sleeves is not lined with fabric underneath and was slightly itchy to wear.

SHUKR Clothing has a clean and easy to use website that features all its prices in USD. SHUKR Clothing ships worldwide for a flat-rate fee of $9.95 USD, regardless of the order size which is helpful when shopping. In the US, the rates are cheaper.

The gowns are priced upwards of $100, and currently are on sale.

The site also features a ‘chat with us’ window that pops up on the bottom right of the screen, which is there the whole time you’re on the site. It’s a helpful feature that can make the shopping experience smoother.

SHUKR Clothing Special Occasion Gowns

Stylish and modest, SHUKR Clothing’s Special Occasion Gowns are high quality pieces that are made with care and flatter any body size and shape. They are made with a fine attention to detail, and are perfect for either Eid, weddings, or any other formal events.

If you plan on shopping from SHUKR Clothing for Eid-ul-Fitr 2015, please note that SHUKR Clothing recommends buying before July 11th, to ensure timely delivery of your package before Eid.

Note: Gown featured in this review is SHUKR Clothing’s Secret Garden Gown, in the tawny brown shade, which was provided free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed in this review belong to THE MUSLIM GIRL and were in no way affected by the free product. 

All photos, unless otherwise marked, belong to SHUKR Clothing.