Review: Pleated Maxi Skirt from Kabayare Fashion

pleated maxi skirt from kabayare fashion

Kabayare Fashion is an American based online retailer of Muslim women’s fashion. Based in Michigan, US, the online retailer features an assortment of modest dresses, skirts, hijabs, accessories, and cultural dresses.

What first caught my eye was their collection of bright and colourful maxi pleated skirts. While searching for pleated skirts online, I continued to find maxi skirts that weren’t fully lined or had slits up the sides. But because Kabayare is a Muslim based fashion retailer, all their maxi skirts are fully lined!

Available in a variety of fun, bold colours, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the way the maxi skirts were styled for summer with fun, bold accessories, belts, and pastel tops and blazers. The pleated maxi skirts are available in nine colours, from bright ones like this neon coral one to a slightly more muted burgundy.

When I first ordered my neon coral skirt, I was worried about the sizing options and whether the skirt would fit. But Kabayare offers a helpful sizing guide that breaks down how they size their products, which made it easy for me to select the right size for me. When my skirt came, I have to say I was impressed by the quality of the material and the fact that it looked pretty much the same as in the picture. The pleats were beautiful and pressed, and the lining was full and reached the ground. Being a neon colour, it was slightly brighter than in the picture, but there is always room for slight change in colours due to screen resolution.

I was so impressed with my new pleated maxi skirt, that I ordered two more: one in royal blue and another in burgundy, for the Fall. What further impressed me when I ordered the two other skirts was how quick my order was processed and shipped to me by Kabayare Fashion. Within a few hours of placing my order, I was informed my skirts had been shipped! They arrived in my mailbox about a week later, which was wonderful.

Kabayare Fashion’s pleated maxi skirts are all priced at $26.95 USD, are made with chiffon, are fully lined, come in 9 colours, and are 40 inches long. The skirts are sized in two groups: fits small to medium and fits medium to large.

Despite the two sizes being available, there wasn’t an option for different length skirts: all are 40 cm and a little too long for someone who is 5’1. The skirt is fine worn with heels, but it would be nice to have different length options in the future for girls who are shorter or taller than the 40 cm measured skirt length.

For those ordering outside of the US, Kabayare Fashion offers a flat shipping rate of $20 for standard delivery, which is promised to arrive 6 to 10 days after being shipped. While I loved how fast my skirts reached me both times, the flat rate of $20 seemed a bit heavy for one item, when I ordered the first time. Perhaps I am used to shipping being calculated based on weight or based on total, but I found that the flat rate of $20 was too much.

With that being said, I absolutely love my new pleated maxi skirt from Kabayare Fashion. The colours are bright, bold, and perfect for summer! The skirts look exactly like they do in the pictures and are perfect for any girl who wants to dress modestly without breaking the bank. All the skirts are fully lined and have a graceful fall. With reasonable prices, efficient service, and beautiful selection, I know I’ll be shopping at Kabayare Fashion again soon!

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Hope you girls found this useful! Keep smiling.

With love.


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