Review: Ombre Scarf from Lazy Doll

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If you’re a fan of hijabi fashion, you’ve probably heard of Muslim fashion designer and blogger Dina Tokio. Lazy Doll is owned by Dina Tokio, and Lazy Doll‘s scarves are designed by Dina herself.

Dina Tokio is known for her eclectic fashion sense and creative styling; she also makes videos and often is seen wearing scarves from her own collection of Lazy Doll scarves.

Majority of Lazy Doll’s scarves are currently in the ombre style, and feature two or more colours. The colour combinations offered in the shop are deep and luxurious, with multiple styling options that can instantly change your look. The names are also playful and suit the scarves well.

The scarf pictured above is Navy Le Nude, and is currently out of stock. It’s a combination of navy blue on one side and a nude colour on the other side, with a ombre effect in the middle.

Most of Lazy Doll’s scarves are 180 cm in length (about 71 inches) and 110 cm in width (43 inches), and boast of being handmade. They are also 50% of viscose and 50% cotton, which makes them light and easy to manoeuvre.

I’ve worn my Lazy Doll scarf twice so far, but am impressed with the quality. It’s light without being flimsy and does hold up well. It’s perfect for summer because of the lightweight fabric, which allows for reasonable air circulation. Because of the cotton/viscose mix, the scarf doesn’t need ironing after every use, which is wonderful.

While the scarf is light, I do have to note that it is slightly transparent. Even with the dark colour, the scarf is see-through and so you will need to double up in order to ensure coverage.

When shopping for the scarf, I was frustrated by the fact that almost the whole store was out of stock. There were many beautiful ombre colour combinations that I wanted to buy, but wasn’t able to because nearly everything was sold out. This may have something to do with the fact that Lazy Doll scarves are handmade, but it was still frustrating.

Lazy Doll scarves are priced in pounds, and are comparable to Pearl Daisy’s prices, another UK based hijab retailer, except there wasn’t nearly as much variety. Lazy Doll scarves currently all seem to be in the ombre style (which is definitely in), with a few solid coloured scarves towards the end of the 4 pages.

The shipping prices were also higher than many online scarf retailers. According to the website, Lazy Doll charges shipping based on weight of the item, but considering the fact that I ordered one scarf only and that it was very light, the shipping fee seemed a tad high (10 pounds for a scarf that was 9 pounds). This may be due to the fact that Lazy Doll uses signed delivery, which certainly increases the cost. My scarf did come fairly quickly, which was great.

Overall, I love my new Navy Le Nude scarf from Lazy Doll, because it is unique and trendy, but was not overly impressed by the shopping process or the shipping charges.

Hope you found this useful. Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.


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