Review: Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish

Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish Review

Maya Cosmetics is a US based company offering halal or wudu-friendly nail polish.

For those of you who don’t know what halal or wudu-friendly nail polish is, it’s nail polish that is breathable and allows water to touch your nails. Usual nail polishes don’t let water touch the nail, which makes them impermissible for prayer, since your wudu or ablution is not valid.

Halal nail polishes are great because they allow water to touch the nail, which means you can wear them all the time, even when you have to pray!

Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish Review

Maya Cosmetics halal nail polishes are halal certified by 3 US based scholars, which you can check out here. They also boast being a healthier alternative to regular nail polish, are PETA certified and vegan friendly.

Maya’s website also has a helpful guide on how to maintain your wudu while wearing their nail polishes, which can also be found on the packaging as well. It maintains that your wudu will be intact if you wear only one coat of polish and one coat of the top coat. You then run your nails under water for 10 seconds while making ablutions.

This is important to note because there is no guarantee that your wudu will be intact if you apply multiple coats of the polish or the top coat. But that is completely unnecessary anyways, because one coat of polish is sufficient. The colour is opaque and not watery at all. It goes on smoothly in one go, and there is no need to apply multiple coats to get that glossy colour. It comes on in one beautiful, glossy coat.

Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish Review

The nail polishes come in 10 gorgeous shades, with 2 different types of top coats. The colours in the photos that we got to review are Shirley Temple and and Plumberry. We also got the clear gloss version of the top coat.

The polishes all retail for $13.99, which is about the same price as a few other halal nail polishes. It is slightly less than Inglot, which is another popular water-permeable nail polish.

We loved the high-end packaging of the Maya halal nail polishes! Each polish was boxed, with a window showing the colour. The actual bottles of the nail polish are well made, and the shape of the bottle is similar to other popular nail polish brands, like OPI.

Maya Cosmetics Halal Nail Polish Review

Maya Cosmetics halal nail polish are a great wudu friendly option. They come in a variety of beautiful shades that are sure to compliment any outfit or occasion. With Eid coming up, they’re a great gift option for friends or family, or even for yourself! We definitely recommend them for any girl who wants to look good, while also maintaining her ability to pray.

You can also check out their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here. We hope you found this review helpful, beautiful girls!

With love.

Maya Cosmetics halal nail polish was provided free of charge for the purpose of review. All views and opinions expressed in this review belong solely to The Muslim Girl and were not affected by the free products.