Ramadan Reminder

Ramadan Reminder

It’s almost that wonderful time of the year again! Ramadan is nearly upon us. Many of us associate the month of fasting only with abstaining from eating or drinking from before sunrise to sunset, but there is so much more to it! So that’s why I’ve created this Ramadan reminder for all of us to remember what Ramadan is about so that we can all get into the right frame of mind before beginning this spiritual journey. Here they are:

Limit Time Spent on Cooking/Food Preparation

Even though we don’t eat from before sunrise to sunset during Ramadan, many of us spend a lot more time preparing food and thinking about food. Iftar is no longer simply about opening the fast, but about how many yummy things we can consume in the span of an hour, until our stomach’s hurt. We anticipate this meal so much that we begin preparing iftar hours before.

The whole day, we concentrate on not breaking our fast, yet our concentration and efforts disappear a few hours before iftar as we prepare begin working hard to prepare a feast. Ramadan isn’t about eating. It’s about purifying ourselves and becoming closer to Allah, so let’s all remember that this Ramadan and limit the time we spend thinking about food.

Focus on Dhikr

Dhikr, or the remembrance of Allah, is an important aspect of Ramadan that many of us often forget about. We get so caught up in the abstaining from food aspect that we sometimes forget about praying. And not just the mandatory salah, but remembering Allah in our every action and breath. Dhikr brings us closer to Allah, and so as you go about your day during your fast, keep reciting the names of Allah and remembering Him.

Read the Quran

Like Dhikr, reading the Quran is something many of us forget. We get so caught up in food preparation, after going to work and school, and forget that Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. It is vital that we read it and understand it, as much as we can. Read the Quran everyday during Ramadan and take effort to read the translation of it, no matter what language you speak.

Do Good Deeds

There is so much barakah in this holy month of Ramadan, yet many of us don’t even realise it! Ramadan isn’t just about abstaining from food, but about doing good deeds. Speak kind words, treat people with kindness and respect, and make an effort be a good person. That’s not to say that any of things don’t apply outside of Ramadan, but it’s important to make a conscious effort to make good habits during Ramadan that will continue outside of Ramadan.

Abstain from Foul Language

When fasting, we don’t only abstain from food, but from the words we speak. There isn’t only a restriction on the food we ingest but on the things we hear and speak. We should all make an effort to not use foul language during Ramadan, and get into the habit of avoiding it after Ramadan as well.

In addition, we have a fast on the words and language we hear. We can consume foul language through the music we listen to, the TV shows we watch, or the friends we hang out with. So it’s important to be conscious of the words that come out of our mouth and the words that we hear, because we are all accountable for them during our fast.

And there you have it! 5 tips for a Ramadan Reminder that will hopefully help you get into the right frame of mind for Ramadan. Remember: there is much more to Ramadan than just abstaining from food. It’s a spiritual month that has many benefits and blessings, if we just take the time to work for them. May Allah guide us all and make the coming month a blessed one for all of us, InshAllah.

Hope you found this useful!

With love.