Post Ramadan Checklist

Post-Ramadan Checklist

No matter how much we enjoyed it, it’s finally time for us to say farewell to Ramadan. So with the closing of this beautiful month, I want to make sure that we remember the intention we started Ramadan with. Plus I also want to share with you a post Ramadan check-list. So let’s get started.

We all learned that the entire purpose of fasting is to shield ourselves from anything which disappoints Allah and His messenger Prophet Muhammad (saw). This is what we got to know in ayah no. 183 of Surah Al-Baqarah. Now I want you think about what you left and what you attained during the last couple of weeks. Because I was also a part of the Ramadan training session, I will share with you my experience. I do excessive book reading and I’m almost addicted to books. This Ramadan I didn’t minimize my addiction; I cut it off completely. Book reading isn’t a sin but for me it leads to delaying Salah. During Ramadan when my prayers came before everything, I understood that I’m capable of restricting my activities whenever the call to prayer is announced.

Another thing we got to understand was that the purpose of fasting is different from the purpose of Ramadan. Usually we mix them up but in ayah no. 185 of Al-Baqarah, Allah tells us that the Qur’an was sent down in the month of Ramadan. Therefore, we came to know that the real essence of this month is in getting closer to the word of Allah. And in any capacity, we did try to learn from the Qur’an.

In the beginning we came to know that we all carry a responsibility to spread the message of Islam. And indeed this task requires a rigorous training. Thus Allah granted us Ramadan. As we went in further, to understand the Qur’an, we came in contact with three letters whose meaning is known to Allah alone: Alif-Laam-Meem. Allah taught us through them that our journey with the Qur’an is endless. Because when we don’t get the meaning of just letters then in the grand picture we really don’t know anything. This instills in us humility to remain students of the Qur’an. As we moved on we were amazed by the powerful statement put forward by Allah. He challenged peopl, that doubted His words, to bring out a Surah like those found in the Qur’an. We looked at how some people even tried to take up the challenge but failed. Because they failed to understand that they could never instill in their words the power each and every ayah in the Qur’an carries. Then in the last article we came across two pieces of advice embedded in the Book of Allah. By primarily addressing the Jews, Allah taught us that we should practice what we preach and while spreading Islam we should make it easy for people to follow.

These were a few out of the many teaching in Al-Baqarah that we touched on this Ramadan. And the real effort is in holding onto what we learn. But before I end, we still have a checklist to go through for the rest of the year.

1) Praying five times a day: It’s alright to admit that sometimes we do lack in prayer. We pray at least four prayers but then we become extra sleepy in Fajr. Then some days we might start our day with Fajr however fail miserably to end it with Isha. We all face ups and downs. But how in the world did we pray Fajr every morning this Ramadan? How did we pray Duhr and Asr when our stomachs were growling due to hunger? How did we stand tall for that two hour long Taraweeh? We accomplished praying five times a day in Ramadan and we can surely do now to In sha Allah. Believe in yourself and trust the beautiful outcome of this training session.

2) Reading the Qur’an daily: Some of you might have completed the entire Qur’an this month. And you must be feeling happy about it too. Now that Ramadan is ending don’t let go of this rope which connects us to Allah. If we can do one Juz a day then reciting a page a day with the translation should be no problem for us. Even if you didn’t recite the entire Qur’an this month, a page a day should be very easy. Try your best to hold onto this amazing conversation with Allah so that purpose of Ramadan is achieved.

3) Get a grip over your addictions: I understand some of us are big fans of spending time with our favorite past time. I told you earlier that I am a book worm too however after this Ramadan I will try to put my duties towards Allah before starting to read. Now for me it’s book reading and for you there might be something else. As a Muslim, who understands that her or his time is limited, we should take advantage from Ramadan. Allah gave us this chance to transform our hearts into strong forts so let’s use it to pacify our uncontrollable desires.

On an ending note I will remind us that no doubt shaitan is going to be back. However, let’s understand that the purpose of the passing thirty days was to make us tough against his attacks. Don’t be afraid that the laziness is going to kick back in and we are going to be the same again. Don’t think like that. Stay positive. And don’t let go of the check list for the rest of the year. Plus Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak because it’s going to be your graduation day after all!

by Safia Fatima


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