Do You Have to Be Perfect to Wear HIjab?

Do You Have to Be Perfect to Wear Hijab

by Maryam

Free will – something we all have the right to as human beings in all aspects of life. In fact it is one of the main things that separates us from Angels. Angels were made to be the perfect creation of God programmed to be obedient. We as humans on the other hand were given free will.This is why when a human being obeys Allah it is greater in His eyes as they are willingly doing so. Allah says in the Quran (2:256) “There is no compulsion in religion”. We obey and disobey both with full awareness and understanding of our actions. We make every decision ourselves and are nowhere near perfect. That being said the choices we make obviously impact our lives and we have to live with them. The problem arises when other people, who are fellow imperfect beings feel the need to judge each others actions. An example of this that I can relate to is the judgment women that choose to wear hijab face on a regular basis.

A woman choosing to wear the hijab is a decision she makes that is personal and is between herself and God. I love reading hijab stories because it shows how different every girl is and what led them to make that decision for themselves. It is a decision visible to other people which is why I think they feel as though they have the right to make judgments. Girls that wear hijab have to deal with the stares and sometimes even discrimination from society when they live in the western world. They are at times automatically categorized as “oppressed” Muslim women. Assumptions are already made by random strangers who sometimes have no knowledge of Islam except what has been portrayed in the media. Aside from the ignorance of some non-Muslims, it is more so the Muslim community that can be the most judgemental. The girl who wears hijab automatically get fingers pointed at them for being imperfect – which we all are regardless of hijab.

Wearing the hijab doesn’t automatically make you an angelic human free from all faults. I’ve seen fellow Muslims putting down girls that wear hijab by pointing out flaws as if they are supposed to fit the standard in their heads of how the “ideal Muslimah” should look and act like. Girls in hijab are looking down upon those who don’t wear one and girls who aren’t in hijab are being judgemental of those who do. I’ve even see hijabis judge each other on how they wear their hijab! We need to stop doing this to ourselves.

Like any part of faith we are all in the constant process to better ourselves and become closer to Allah as He is the only one we have to work on pleasing. We all make mistakes and none of us are perfect in our religion, so why point out the shortcomings of others when we need to focus on the sins of our own?

Instead of putting each other down we need to be encouraging and supportive towards each other. How can we expect others to treat us well when we aren’t being fair to one another? No matter what age someone is at when they decide to wear the hijab, they need to be accepted with positivity. May Allah make this easy for all of us!


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