Muslim Girl Staple: Maxi Dress

When summer hits, my favourite piece of clothing is the maxi dress. As much as I love layering in autumn, winter, and even spring, I just can’t stand it in the summer when the humidity is so high and it’s so sticky out.

Like the maxi skirt, maxi dresses are definitely a Muslim girl staple because they’re already so modest and look so chic. There are so many different ways you can style them for completely different looks, and they are perfect for days or evenings out.

My favourite places to buy a maxi dress are H&M, Forever 21, and Zara. There are many more stores that sell them, which is wonderful because you get many different patterns to wear throughout the summer!

Many maxi dresses sold in popular stores nowadays are often strapless or have very short sleeves, and so it can be tricky to make them modest, but it isn’t impossible! Here are some of my favourite ways to style the maxi dress.

maxi dress

Long-sleeve t-shirt

One of the easiest ways to wear those spaghetti strap maxi dresses is simply by wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath. It’s so so simple and is perfect for days out shopping or running errands. It’s an easy and simple look that takes about 5 minutes to throw on. Without any extra cardigans or blazers, it’s the best look for days when it’s super hot and you can’t be bothered with layers. So simple, yet so chic!

maxi dress


Cardigans are stylish another way to cover up your arms when wearing a maxi dress. They’re perfect for those days when summer hasn’t arrived just yet or when the days are getting a bit colder. Cardigans keep you warm, and they also take your look up a notch. Paired with a belt they can be worn to work with your plain maxi dresses since it’s a very clean and simple look. Or they can also be worn casually just to cover up.


One of my favourite way to style maxi dresses are blazers! They look so stylish when paired with either plain or patterned maxi dresses and can either dress up or dress down your look. For example, for a night out or a fancy event, pair your pleated or fancy maxi dress with a more formal, short blazer. Add some sparkly accessories and a nice clutch and you’re ready for a night out! For a more casual look, pair a solid blazer with your patterned or floral maxi dress. Add some chunky accessories, a belt, and a slouchy bag for a casual, yet effortless look.

Denim or other jacket

I love the idea of wearing a denim jacket with a fancier dress, just to mix things up. Or you could pair your short denim jacket with a patterned maxi dress that’s perfect for picnics and days out and about. I also love the grungy, casual jacket, since it highlights the beauty of the flowy, chiffon dress even more. Both looks are a little different, but you can easily pair casual jackets with more plain maxi dresses for overall casual looks.

maxi dress

Long-sleeve maxi dress

And if you’re lucky, you might not have to do any of the above because you just might find a maxi dress that is ready to wear with sleeves! They’re a bit trickier to find, especially in common retailers, but can be found more online. If you do stumble upon one, grab it! It’s the perfect modest outfit since it needs no altering or layering. 🙂 Add a belt, a statement necklace, and a cute bag and you’re good to go.

And those are my tips to style the Muslim Girl staple, the maxi dress! There are so many different ways you can wear this modest yet cute garment, so change it up and try them out! Hope you found these tips useful.

Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.


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