Muslim Girl Staple: Blazer

Spring or Fall, one of my favourite pieces of clothing to dress up or dress my outfits is the blazer. Chic and effortlessly modest, a blazer can add structure to any outfit, and can be worn with pants, skirts, or dresses. There are many different blazer styles, as well as different ways to wear them.

Nothing beats a black blazer, but it’s fun to experiment with pastel colours in the spring and then bold colours in the summer. Some of my favourite blazer styles include: boyfriend, fitted, printed, and bold colours. Check out how to style them below!

The Boyfriend Blazer

The boyfriend blazer is loose and casual. Best worn over a pair of pants, the boyfriend blazer looks great is neutral colours, like beige, black, and navy. If you’ve got a different colour or stripe pattern on the inside of your blazer’s sleeves, roll them up for an even more casual look.

What I love about boyfriend blazers is the fact that they’re loose and modest. Wear them over a slightly shorter shirt to add some layers in your look or on top of another long top for a modest look. You can also wear them over short dresses over pants for a more formal look, since the long blazer often matches the length of the short dress.


The Short or Fitted Blazer

The short or fitted blazer is a formal alternative to the boyfriend blazer. It provides a more structured look to your outfit, and can be paired with flowing maxi skirts or dresses for a more dressed up outfit. Pair them with longer tops or full dresses to keep the look modest. To maintain the formal appeal of short or fitted blazers, go for colours that are neutral and can be worn with anything, like white, cream, or black. Depending on the details of the fitted blazer, you might be able to use it to dress up or dress down your outfit.


The Printed Blazer

For a more fun version of this staple, go for a printed blazer! For spring, keep it fun and fresh with florals or punchy tie-dye asymmetrical cuts or for the fall, get jewel toned prints or heavy brocade blazers. Wear your printed blazer with a simple outfit, whether it’s a pair of pants or t-shirt, or a black maxi dress or skirt, so that the focus remains on your fun, printed blazer. Accessorize with a colourful clutch in one of the colours from the print on your blazer.

The Bold Colour Blazer

While pastels are perfect for spring, bold, vibrant colours are essential for summer! Spruce up your basic black blazers in the summer months for something more colourful and punchy in the summer. Whether you go for a pop of yellow, red, pink or something else, bold colour blazers are highlighted when paired with simple pants or skirts so the colour really pops. Pair with a simple bag, nude shoes, a plain scarf, and a colourful chunky necklace for the perfect summer look. Wear them fitted or boyfriend style to suit your look.

And there you have it, beautiful girls! 4 different blazer styles to worn numerous ways. Blazers are a truly a Muslim Girl Staple because one or two can offer so many modest, yet chic styling options. Try them out today!

Hope you found this useful.

With love.


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