Muslim Girl Spotlight: Hani Hulu

Hani Hulu

Hanyeh Khoshnevisan aka Hani Hulu is the successful Muslim fashion blogger from Philadelphia. With over a thousand followers on Facebook and more than eighteen thousand followers on Instagram, Hani Hulu has made a name for herself in the world of modest fashion.

Hani’s style can be described as effortless and chic. Her outfits contain a mix of both splurges and saves, and she mixes the two with ease, showing her readers that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to dress well. All you need is some style, which Hani has in spades!

Hani Hulu

Hani describes her personal style as “versatile and fun.” As someone who works in the professional world, Hani has to dress in business casual, but she tries her best to bring her own personal sense of style into that. And that can definitely be seen in the way she styles her outfits with colourful blazers, chunky bags, and fun accessories. Business casual can “become boring quickly,” Hani notes, and so she likes to add her own personality to the boring standards of business casual.

Modesty in actions and behaviors is more important than

anything else in my opinion.

Hani Hulu

Being modest, for Hani, does not mean that she has to compromise on her sense of style. In her words, “fashion does not mean you have to be barely dressed and immodest. Fashion is being able to match different colors and styles together”. Modesty is more than just the clothes you wear, according to Hani. Actions and behaviours have a large hand to play in one’s modesty. One person can be dressed modestly but their actions could be immoral, which negates the point of dressing modestly.

I’m trying my best to set a good example and my judgement is

between Allah and I.

Hani Hulu

Modest fashion can be tricky to define, as often one person’ version of modest can be another’s version of immodest. And with such a diversity in the definition of modesty, there’s no shortage of Haram Police on the internet- people who point fingers and call the actions of others haram. With a popular fashion blog, Hani receives her fair share of critiques from the haram police but she doesn’t let it bother her. In her words, she knows that “deep down they are just trying to help me, however the way the haram police critiques come off is not so helpful and very judgemental.” So she leaves the judging to Allah and focuses on doing what she loves.

Hani Hulu

With such an eye for modest fashion, it’s a surprise that Hani Hulu is not a modest fashion clothing company yet! But Hani says she loves pairing different pieces together too much. She enjoys having the options of clothes from different brands and being able to combine them.

Hani Hulu

The one piece that Hani cannot do without (other than her hijab, of course!) is a blazer. Chic and classic, Hani’s outfits often feature structured blazers and are worn in many different ways. For Hani, she loves being able to throw on a “cute blazer to any outfit that will keep [her] warm and still looking fashionable!”

And she definitely does look fashionable! Thank you to Hanyeh from Hani Hulu for being the first in the new Muslim Girl spotlight, a feature that focuses on the everyday Muslim girl.

All photos are the sole property of Hani Hulu and were taken with permission.