Muslim Girl Problems: Where to Buy Modest Clothes

where to buy modest clothes

The most common reader question I get almost daily is where to modest clothes, and so this post is for all the readers who have asked me where I buy my clothes.

Unless you are live in an Islamic country or are willing to order from Islamic clothing retailers, it can be very difficult to find modest clothes that fit all the requirements you’re looking for, at an affordable price. And so you will undoubtedly have to layer at least 2 pieces of clothing (for tops at least) to fully cover your body. The pieces of clothing that are modest and also look chic that I highly recommend are maxi dresses and skirts, especially in the summer, and blazers, which provide great coverage.

But there’s lots of different pieces that you can combine to be modest, and it all depends on your personal style and how much you’re willing to spend. Some of my favourite places to buy modest clothes can be found below…take a look!

where to buy modest clothes


The Swedish retailer is my go-to place to buy modest modest clothes. It offers a lot of great selection that is constantly changing from season to season, and so you’re bound to find something you like. They offer affordable prices, and carry maxi dresses and skirts all spring and summer, and sometimes into the fall. They also carry a lot of short dresses that can be worn as shirts on top of pants, in addition to longer sleeveless shirts that can often be paired with a long sleeve t-shirt or cardigan.

H&M is the perfect place to buy modest clothes because it carries many staples all-year round, which is very convenient. Their long-sleeve t-shirts come in a variety of colours, and can be found easily. They also carry long-sleeve cardigans, both short and long, in a variety of knits and colours, making it perfect to instantly add sleeves to any short-sleeved top. They also carry a collection of colourful and fun scarves year-round, which is one of the many reasons why it’s the number one destination where to buy modest clothes.

where to buy modest clothes

Forever 21 is another retailer that offers clothing that can be made modest at fairly affordable prices. The American retailer is known for their fun, eclectic style, and if you’re looking for fun prints, Forever 21 is the place to go.

Their selection of maxi dresses in the summer are rival to none, since they have many different cuts and styles, from pleated to slinky to A-line. They also carry a selection of fun pastel coloured pants, as well as chiffon maxi skirts that are usually fully lined. Like H&M, they also offer a large selection of short dresses, from sleeveless to short sleeves, that can be worn as shirts on top of their pants. For those that love affordable, fun accessories, Forever 21 is definitely the place to go! They also carry fun scarves with a variety of prints and textures.

where to buy modest clothes

I like to think of Zara, the Spanish retailer, as H&M’s classier, more fashionable cousin. Both European retailers often carry similar styles and selection of clothes, but Zara offers fashion at a cut above. Their quality for affordable fashion is second to none, which is reflected in their slightly higher price points.

Zara is perfect to find pieces that are classy and well-made. They aren’t really known for their bold prints, but you will often find clothes there are fashion forward and a little bit different. They carry a lot of long-sleeve tops in various cuts and styles, as well as short dresses and long sleeveless tops. Their maxi skirts and dresses aren’t usually sheer or have slits. Their dresses are perfect for special occasions, because of how pretty and how well made they are. So if you’re looking for quality and fashion-forward clothes, Zara is your place to go!

These three are my top choices for where to buy modest clothes, but they are not the only places, by any means! You can buy modest clothes pretty much anywhere; it all depends on how you’re willing to modify them to make them modest and to suit your needs. Some other places to find modest clothes are: ASOS, Target, The Gap, and Joe Fresh. Another option is to design your clothes yourself; if you have access to a tailor, find styles that you like and buy some fabric and get them sewn so they fit you perfectly!

For more inspiration on where to buy modest clothes and how to style them, make sure you follow my Instagram for styling tips and outfit of the day pictures!

Buying modest clothes doesn’t have to be a chore when you’re willing to be creative and flexible. So the next time you’re shopping, have an open mind; you might be surprised by what you find!

Hope you beautiful girls found this useful! Keep smiling.

With love.


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