Muslim Girl Problems: Not Fasting in Ramadan

not fasting in ramadan We all know about that time of the month where girls can’t fast during Ramadan, and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that since it is the way Allah made things. Not fasting in Ramadan can make some girls feel like they’re missing out on Ramadan and all the blessings it offers, just because they can’t fast or pray. But not fasting in Ramadan doesn’t mean that you cannot reap the benefits that Allah has bestowed upon us in this blessed month! There are still so many other ways that you can remember Allah in the short time that you aren’t able to fast. Here are 6 ways that you can still continue ibadah during Ramadan:

Listen to the Quran

Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed in and we are meant to read as much Quran as possible during this blessed month. Not fasting means that you can’t read the Quran during that short time, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot listen to it. With technology, there are so many ways that you can listen to the Quran. Download some surahs onto your ipod so you can listen to them on your commute to school or work. Burn a CD to keep in the car so you can listen to it even when you go out to run errands. Open up Youtube on your computer or TV while in the kitchen and listen to the Quran while cooking or cleaning.

Read the Translation

As previously mentioned, Ramadan is the month of the Quran, and while it’s very important for us to read it and recite it in the original Arabic, it’s also very important to understand it. So read the translation in whatever language you understand best, be it English, Spanish, Urdu, French, etc. Understand what Allah is saying to you in the way you can understand it best. Because if we don’t know what Allah is saying to us, how can we follow it? So use the time where you can’t fast and can’t read the Quran in Arabic to understand Allah’s words.

Do Dhikr

Dhikr is the remembrance of Allah and regardless of whether you can fast or not, you can always remember Allah. We have been told in the Quran that if we remember Allah, He will remember us (Surah Baqarah 152). So say subhanAllah, alhamdulilah, astagfirullah, and other dhikrs throughout the day so that Allah’s name is always on your tongue and in your heart.

Listen to Lectures

Again, with technology, there are so many wonderful lectures that are available on Youtube and the internet, all just a click away. You can attend Islamic conventions without even leaving your seat, so why not take advantage of this and listen to some Islamic lectures? Whether the topic is on an ayat of the Quran, a topic that plagues Muslims, or just praise of Allah, listening to Islamic lectures can boost your spirituality and give you knowledge you didn’t have.

Do Good Deeds

Just because you can’t fast or pray doesn’t mean that you can’t do good deeds in the month of Ramadan. Everything counts, and so make an effort to continue doing good deeds throughout the short time span that you can’t fast. Give charity. Help the needy. Be kind to your parents. Volunteer some of your time. Smile. Be kind to others. Prepare iftar for those less fortunate. Open the door for a stranger. Don’t let your bad mood affect how you treat others. Some of these things are very small and things you should be doing anyway, but put some extra thought into them during the month of Ramadan so that you can make a difference in the world.

Make Dua

There are so many blessings in the month of Ramadan, subhanAllah, and it is a month where duas are extra special. So just because you can’t physically perform salah doesn’t mean that you can’t pray and make dua to Allah. He is always listening, regardless of the condition, so remember that. Use those special times in the day, like right after hearing the adhan, or right before maghrib, on Fridays, when it’s raining, etc., to make supplication to Allah. Allah hears us all, so be sure to ask Him for things you want and things you need.

Not fasting in Ramadan for a short period of time for girls doesn’t mean that the gates of Heaven have closed and Allah’s mercy doesn’t apply. Ramadan isn’t only about fasting, it is about the strengthening your imam and becoming closer with Allah. So just because you can’t fast doesn’t mean that you can’t do all of that. Everything counts, especially in Ramadan, so purify your intentions and continue to do all that you do when you fast and Allah will reward you. May Allah make this month a blessing for us and may He shower His blessings on us all, inshAllah.

Hope you beautiful girls found this useful! Keep smiling.

With love.


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