MOGA Scarves

MOGA Scarves

Designed in Melbourne, Australia, MOGA is an online retailer of scarves that sets itself apart with its vision.

MOGA is a social enterprise at its core, as 20% of its profits go to CARE Pakistan to help young girls get an education.

Their scarves are absolutely gorgeous and made with 100% silk or Crepe de China, and are designed and made in house. The colours are bright and vivid. Their collections are sold on a limited edition basis, which means that their designs are exclusive and unique. When you buy from MOGA, you know that you’re not getting something that is mass-produced and that you will see on everyone else. They are made using new digital printing techniques, which means that what you get is special and unique.

MOGA Scarves

MOGA is different from other retailers who sell scarves or hijabs in that it does not brand itself as a hijab retailer. Its mission remains to unite people through fashion and social responsibility, which means that if you wear hijab MOGA is for you. If you don’t wear hijab, MOGA is still for you. This vision can be seen in the pictures found all over MOGA’s website. There are no two women wearing their MOGA scarf the same way. One woman wears her in a traditional hijab style, while another has tied hers in a turban style, while another is wearing it around her neck. There is no wrong way to wear a MOGA scarf apparently.

Their debut collection, called SPECTRA, is inspired by the colourful and vibrant alleyways and streets of Melbourne Australia. The collection has 5 scarves, all in different, vibrant block colours. Each scarf boasts a length of 175 cm by 50 cm. The price for each scarf is $38 USD, and shipping is a $5 flat rate.

With beautiful designs, a social vision, and a desire to challenge preconceived notions about the scarf, MOGA is an online retailer that is setting out to pave new paths.

“At the end of the day, a scarf is a piece of fabric and can be worn in so many different ways by so many different people. It should be something that brings people together as opposed to keeping them apart. We at MOGA want our customers to be empowered every time they put on one of our scarves; to feel like no one or nothing could bring them down when they look so good.” – Azahn Munas, founder.

So if you’re looking for unique, gorgeous scarves that make a difference, look no further than MOGA.

With love.


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