Modesty is Beautiful|My Hijab Story

my hijab story- modesty is beautiful

by Umamah

My hijab story starts in the beginning of 6th grade when I was only 11. Honestly I was forced to do hijab at school and I was the only girl in my entire school who was a hijabi, so of course I got asked a lot of questions. Curious questions, but questions nonetheless, like “She’s a Muslim too, why doesn’t she do hijab?” Or “Can’t you take it off? Your parents don’t know.” And “Don’t you feel different?” At first this made me want to crawl into a hole and vanish, but I grew to love doing hijab and it was this huge part of me that I didn’t want to let go of it. When 9/11 came around and we discussed the historical events that linked to that day, I received some states but it didn’t bother me as much as it would’ve before.

The next year when I went back to school, one of my friends was wearing a hijab and she claimed that I was the one who inspired her and she told her mom she wanted to start. In that moment I felt such happiness that words can’t describe. It made me realize that I truly can change the world and inspire others. All it takes it a little bit of strong faith.

This year I went to high school after doing homeschooling for 2 years because I was doing private Islamic studies. During those 2 years I practically lived in my abaya and literally everyone around me was always in an abaya. So when I went to school, I wore normal clothes for the first week, but I felt like everyone was staring at me and I felt so naked and weird. That’s when I decided to wear my abaya. My mom was surprised at my action, because I did it with my own willingness but she was proud. Admittedly I was scared at first, but once I walked in the school, I just forgot I was even wearing it in the first place and now I feel even more comfortable. I honestly felt more comfortable in the abaya rather than wearing what everyone else was. In fact just seeing what other girls consider modest, makes me shudder and feel weird.

For anyone who wants to start wearing a hijab, or abaya, or even niqab, I say go for it. People are going to ask questions, whether it’s out of curiosity or a way to put you down and make yourself feel worthless and ugly. But who knows. Maybe your answers and your passion and love of wearing the hijab, might inspire others to do so as well. And some people might even convert to Islam after seeing how peaceful and beautiful it really is than what everyone takes it for. Remember modesty is a huge part of Islam and as women we have much more responsibility in this area. My Quran teacher used to tell us “Muslim women are like lollipops. When we are not covered, we attract people to us and when we do cover ourselves we protect our attractiveness and beauty from harm.” She also pointed out to us that Allah (SWT) has given a cover to protect the beauty of all special things: the Quran has a cover to protect it, the Kaabah has a cover, and we have covers to protect and hide our preciousness. Modesty is more beautiful than we realize, no matter how many struggles come along with it. Remember if you’re doing it out of your love and devotion to Allah (SWT) He will make it easier for you and you feel so much at peace.

He knows what struggles you’re going through and Inshallah He will make everything easier. For all of us.

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