Modest Prom Looks

It’s the middle of May and you know what means. It’s almost time for Prom!

Shopping for dresses for prom can be a pain. It can be even more of a pain if you’re looking for a modest look, and since the majority of dresses are sleeveless, with plunging necklines, and thigh-high slits. But it doesn’t have to be! I’ve got some tips and tricks to help make your prom dress shopping dress as painless as possible.

These tips and tricks can be used for any formal event where a long dress is required, charity galas, grad formals, weddings, and more. So let’s get started!

modest prom look


In order to mitigate all the strapless and sleeveless formal gowns found nowadays, I recommend blazers on top of your flowing dress. Cardigans and long-sleeve t-shirts are a bit more casual, and so blazers are perfect and can look lovely when paired with long, flowy gowns. Aim for something more structured and fitted, rather than a boyfriend fit to stay formal. Aim for solid colours, like black or white, that compliment your dress, instead of patterned ones.

modest prom look

Tulle Skirt

If you can find a pouffy tulle skirt for prom, go for it! Tulle skirts are super dramatic and unconventional, and something a little bit different. Again, aim for a structured short blazer on top of your tulle skirt for maximum drama. Pair it with a statement necklace and you’ll be sure to feel like a princess!

Cultural Clothes

There’s nothing wrong with wearing cultural clothes at prom! Nowadays there are SO many gorgeous abayas and floor-length South Asian dresses that are formal and perfect for prom. Plus, your look will be totally unique and you’ll actually be able to wear your dress again. What’s even better, they’ll probably already be modest without you having to modify or alter them.

modest prom look


Like at so many other events, accessories can do a lot to your outfit for prom. If you’re a hijabi, try a maatha paati or teeka to add some glitter to your outfit. If you’re not a hijabi, try some statement earrings or a big statement necklace for some sparkle.

When accessorizing, remember not to overdo it! If your dress is super sparkly or glam, go for one or two accessories so your dress speaks for itself. If your dress is not so sparkly, still aim for two or three accessories. Understatement is more classy!

For your clutch, go with something sparkly or beaded, especially if your dress is a plain or a solid colour. Also, sky-high heels look super nice, but they can be very uncomfortable to walk in. So make sure you’re actually able to walk in your shoes before you splurge on fancy shoes!


If you’re a hijabi, try silk or satin finish scarves for prom, instead of cotton or polyester ones. It’ll help add the finishing touches to your look. Something with a bit of sparkle will also look really nice.

I’d recommend plain colours instead of patterns so that your scarf doesn’t take away from your beautiful dress. Aim for colours in the same colour family as your dress, since you’ll probably end up wearing 3 pieces of clothing once you’re done (dress, blazer, and scarf) and you don’t want all the colours clashing.

Below I’ve created a gallery of some modest formal gowns that are perfect for prom! Majority of them have short or no sleeves so obviously some modifications will be necessary, but this is just to help you get an idea on some styles out there.

And those are some modest prom looks! Hope you found this useful.

Keep smiling, beautiful girls!

With love.


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