Modest Monday- Work Wear

Modest Mondays- Work Day



Welcome to a new feature on The Muslim Girl: Modest Mondays! Every Monday we’re going to to draw inspiration from an outfit and and put together a style board for you to get ideas from. All the items will be affordable and will have links included so you can go ahead and have a look. Let’s get started with this week.

Modest Monday- Work Wear

This week’s inspiration is work wear. This outfit is pretty modest already and you can change up the shirt inside or the blazer to create a sort of work uniform that you can rotate throughout the work week.

Tweed is a great fabric to wear in Fall and Winter since it keeps you warm, plus it adds texture to an otherwise simple outfit. Go for a shorter, structured blazer and pair it with a loose, slightly longer knit-top. The combination of both will keep you warm in the cold weather. We picked a long sleeve top to wear under the tweed blazer since it allows opportunities for layering. Maybe you’ve got a meeting in the morning that you want to look sharp for, but can relax a bit in the afternoon. You can remove the blazer and feel comfortable in the pale pink knit.

Instead of leggings or tights, we added straight legged trousers that are professional yet still relaxed. The colours of the outfit are fairly neutral so we added a pair of booties in a slightly brighter shade with a chunky heel, which will be more comfortable to wear and walk around in all day. Complete the look with a structured bag, which is perfect to fit all your work essentials and a statement necklace for a bit of sparkle.

If you’re a hijabi, go for a solid hijab to wear on top of the tweed blazer. You can match it with the colour of your knit top underneath or you can go for a solid black with tassels, since it goes with everything.

This is a great look for an environment where you don’t need to be in formal business wear all the time. The knit shirt is comfortable, while the structured blazer and bag dress up the look.

Hope you found this useful! Join us next week for a new Modest Monday outfit inspiration.

With love.

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