Modest Monday- Winter Glam

Modest Mondays- Winter Glam

Welcome to a new edition of Modest Monday! This week’s theme is Winter Glam. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and wear maxi skirts! This look is meant to be glamorous and classy, without being overboard.

This look is great for evening parties or weddings. It’s long and modest, and will also help keep you warm in the winter chill.

Modest Monday- Winter Glam

The focal point of this outfit is that fabulous gold skirt! In our inspiration picture, the gold skirt is actually a dress but we decided to break up the outfit to achieve the same look. Gold pretty much goes with everything, but black especially makes it stand out. The skirt in the picture is a dull gold, and made of heavy material, but we went with a sparkly, shimmery skirt for extra drama. If you’re trying to achieve this look, go for a skirt with small, almost invisible sequins. You don’t want to end up looking tacky by with all the sparkles and the gold.

Because this is a ‘winter glam’ look, we went with a full-sleeve, turtle or polo neck shirt made of high-quality material. Not only will the high neck help you achieve a modest look, but it’ll also keep your neck warm! If you’re a hijabi, it helps provide maximum coverage, and if you’re not, it’s still a classy and modest look.

We love the clean lines of this look. The skirt is the main attraction and so we didn’t add any head or hair jewellery or necklaces or earrings, because we wanted to keep the look clean. If you do choose earrings, go with something small, not long and dangly. For the hijab, we picked a solid black hijab, because we wanted to maintain the gold on solid black look. We did add a bracelet for some extra sparkle, and a red clutch for some added colour. If you like to wear makeup, a bold red lip would look amazing with the black and gold, and will be perfect for a night out.

This look is great for fancy evening functions, like parties or weddings, because of the gold, sparkly skirt. But it’s also a classy look that doesn’t go overboard. Add warm tights or leggings under the skirt to keep warm, and you’re good to go.

Hope you found this useful!

With love.