Modest Monday: The Cape Coat

Cape Coat

Hello friends! Welcome to another edition of Modest Monday. Today’s modest look is all about the cape coat, a coat that’s a little bit different, but totally chic and fabulous. Let’s take a look!


This photo does a great job of showing what a cape coat actually is and what it looks like when it’s on. It’s a coat like looks like a cape when you wear it, which is the most obvious definition. It’s also a coat that doesn’t have sleeves; your arms poke out of the holes by your side. It can come in a variety of styles and lengths. You can get cape coats to be worn only outside, made of thick polyester or wool, meant for chilly Autumn weather. Or you can even get cape coat blazers, which are meant to be worn with your outfit, are more formal, and can make your whole outfit more chic.

In the photo above, the model is wearing  a pair of leather-like pants and a simply white t-shirt. The shirt and pants aren’t anything super fabulous, but with the cape blazer, it instantly looks put-together. Let’s take a look at the look we’ve created.

The cape coat we picked is a woollen one and meant to be worn in cooler Spring temperatures. We went with black, because it goes with everything, and we picked one with a longer length. We like the idea of being able to wear the coat all day, especially when you’re out and about, and so picked a style that was modest in its length.

Inside, we went with a simple striped long sleeve t-shirt. Because your arms will be poking out of the cape coat and the coat itself doesn’t have sleeves, you’re going to want to go with a long sleeve shirt inside, if that’s important to you. We went with a striped shirt to help bring some pattern and texture to the outfit. You can definitely do a plain white or black t-shirt, or even another pattern. Because the coat is solid black, pretty much anything goes!

We wanted to break up the white and black monotony so we went with a pair of high-waisted brown pants. It’s a nice change, and we loved the cut of these pants. They’re slightly dressy and help to keep the outfit looking slightly formal.

For accessories, we went with a grey satchel and a two-tone scarf. We also chose flats for this outfit, like the model is wearing in the picture, but we picked ones with a bow on top, for an added cute detail.

We love how chic the cape coat is and how it just makes an outfit look so effortless! It’s definitely a current trend and is a great piece to have in your collection, because it can be worn for both Spring and Fall. Go with a colour and style that you know you’ll be able to wear time and time again.

We hope you found this post inspiring! Be sure to come back next week for more modest fashion inspiration.

With love.