Modest Monday- Statement Skirt and Leather Jacket

Statement skirt + Leather Jacket

Hello lovelies! It’s Monday again, which means it’s time for another Modest Monday post.

This week’s inspiration is a hopeful spring look with a gorgeous statement maxi skirt paired with a leather or biker jacket. We love the juxtaposition of the two pieces against one another. So let’s get started!

Modest Monday

What we loved about this look was the patterned skirt with the fitted, structured leather jacket. We also loved the pop of teal that shows up in the skirt, which is the colour of the shirt, and finally continues in the clutch. We like how the shoes stray away from this colour and are instead a gold metallic colour.

We chose yellow as our statement colour and the skirt definitely makes a statement! It’s such a fun, flowery pattern and is perfect to wear in the daytime. It’s got ribbons of other colours threaded in the pattern as well, so it’s not a blast of bright yellow in your face, but instead is subdued and classy.

For the shirt, we went with a light colour, instead of the bright yellow. Wearing too much yellow can make you look a bit clownish, so we toned it down with the sleeveless vest top in a mellow yellow colour. The sleeveless top is to wear underneath the long-sleeve jacket, but you can also wear a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath the sleeveless top if you prefer. And we definitely recommend tucking in the top into your skirt to get that neat look. You can also add a wide belt to keep the skirt and the top from shifting.

The other statement piece to this outfit is the leather jacket. Like we said, we love the combination of the girly, fun, flirty skirt with the structured, fitted, black leather jacket. Leather jackets can run quite expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can definitely get away with a fake leather jacket, and there’s many price points to work within that as well.

We loved the pop of colour that continued with the clutch and decided to continue that pop of yellow in the clutch. You could easily wear flats or gladiator sandals with this look, but we thought the fancier shoe went well with the juxtaposition of different pieces. So we picked a pair of neutral heels which we matched with the scarf. If you wear hijab, keep your hijab style neat and tucked in so the leather jacket doesn’t get covered. Add a mix of gold and silver accessories and you’re good to go!

This a great outfit to go from day to night. It’s casual yet dressy, girly yet chic. It’s perfect for those days when you’ve got a few different places to go to and don’t have time to change your outfit before each one. It’s colourful and bright, giving you a splash of colour in the dead of winter.

We hope you liked this week’s style inspiration of the statement skirt and leather jacket. See you next week!

With love.