Modest Monday: Printed Pants

Printed Pants

Good morning lovelies and welcome to another edition of Modest Monday! This week we’re all about the printed pants.


We drew our inspiration from this photo in which the model is rocking a pair of grey and white patterned pants, which almost look like lace. We loved the bold yet classy feel of the look, which is paired with muted heels, a matte grey bag, and a maroon top to give a sophisticated, yet trendy look. Let’s get started!

So let’s talk about the pants. There is a very high chance that printed pants can end up looking tacky and weird. And that’s definitely NOT the look we’re trying to achieve here. We want the pants to make a statement, but don’t want to end up looking silly and like a clown. So go for a pattern that isn’t too loud or colourful. You want to be able to wear them with your other clothes, so go for a pattern that is classy, but fabulous. Think about where you’ll be able to wear them and how to match them with other things.

For our look we chose a pair of floral pants, which seem perfect for Spring. Even though the pattern is busy and bold, it isn’t too colourful. The roses are on a cream background, which means that we were able to match the printed pants with a cream coloured blouse. We loved the blouse with the tie-front bow with the floral pants; it just heightens the ultra-feminine aesthetic, but also tones down the printed pants. We continued the girly vibe with a cute bag with a bow on it and a pair of wedge sandals. For the scarf, we didn’t go with a patterned one, because we wanted the only pattern to be the one on the pants. Instead we went with a taupe textured scarf that picks up the light brown in the floral pattern of the pants.

Wearing printed pants doesn’t have to be rocket science! It’s a look that can be both bold, yet classy.

We hope you found inspiration in this week’s look. Join us next week for another edition.

With love.