Modest Monday: Pretty Pastels

Pretty Pastels



Good morning lovelies and welcome to another edition of Modest Monday! This week’s edition is all about pastels, pretty pastels. This week’s look is all about choosing soft colours to create this trendy Spring look. So let’s get started!

Pretty Pastels

Pastels are the focus of this week’s inspiration. We love the combination of soft and pretty colours in this look. Pink is a very feminine colour, but this look isn’t too feminine, because of the structured blue blazer and the crisp white shirt.

For our look, we chose the same colour scheme. We went with a pale blue cropped blazer. Blazers are great because they instantly dress up your entire outfit. In this case, our outfit is fairly dressy anyways, so the blazer just accentuates the whole look. It’s a powder blue colour that’s sure to remind you of cotton candy!

Because the blazer is cropped, we paired it with a longer shirt to help give you some coverage in the front and back. You could easily wear a t-shirt underneath the blazer for casual days, but we went with a crisp long-sleeve white shirt. This way you can easily take off your blazer and still be completely covered and comfortable. We love pairing a white shirt with the pastels because it helps tone things down. It compliments the pastel shades and doesn’t overpower them.

Coloured pants have been in for a few years now, but pink ones are a great addition in the Spring. They look soft and feminine. We went with trousers, instead of jeans, to continue the formal look of the outfit.

For accessories, we finished the look with a pair of updated Mary Janes. It reminds us of the classic school look, but instead of being in boring black, they’re in a fabulous mint shade, which rounds off the pastel colours. For your scarf or hijab, you can go with a solid white to finish the monochromatic look, or go with something fun and patterned, like we did. This scarf isn’t really patterned, as much as it is tie-dye, but it finishes the look off with pastels.

This is such a fun and feminine look for the Spring! It combines pastels to create a soft and girly look, without being too over-the-top. You can easily switch up the shades with the blazer and pants and shoes, but try not to play with too many colours, otherwise you run the risk of looking clownish. And try to add some white, which really adds a crisp, clean look to the entire outfit.

We hope you found this week’s look inspiring. See you next week!

With love.