Modest Monday- Lazy Day

Lazy Day


Welcome to a new edition of Modest Monday! This week’s look is a laid-back style that’s meant for lazy days when you wan to be comfy and casual.

Modest Monday- Lazy Day

What we love about this look is the laid-back vibe that it has. Ripped jeans aside, it’s a fairly modest look with a loose, long t-shirt and long cardigan.

The highlight piece of the outfit are the distressed boyfriend jeans. You can find ripped jeans with patches under them so that skin won’t be revealed. Or if you’re not a fan of ripped jeans, you can also opt for a light, faded wash to get the same casual vibe. We opted for boyfriend jeans, rather than skinny jeans, just to keep the comfy feel going.

Instead of a t-shirt, we went for a long-sleeve navy blue sweater. We love the idea of layering, and so this light knit sweater is warm enough to wear if you decide to take off the cardigan. Perfect to wear on its own and perfect to layer! It’s nice and loose and long, so it’s super comfortable.

Chunky cardigans are warmer than fine-knit cardigans and so are perfect for cold, winter days. And pockets are an instant winner in our book!

In terms of accessories and shoes, we opted for flats instead of boots. You can definitely add short booties to this look, but we liked the comfy look and feel of flats. We love the plaid scarf, which adds a print to an otherwise solid look. If you’re a hijabi, it’ll look great as a hijab, and if not, you can wear it around your neck loosely. Lastly, the messenger bag continues that lazy-day vibe and finishes the look.

This look is great for the weekend, or any other day when you don’t want to spend too much getting ready. It’s also casual and comfy, which means you can focus on what you’re doing, instead of caring about your clothes.

Hope you found this useful!

With love.

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