Modest Monday- Faux Fur Vest

Modest Monday- Faux Fur Vest


Welcome to this week’s edition of Modest Monday! This week’s inspiration is a faux fur vest. Faux fur vests are currently trending, and are especially great at keeping warm, while looking good!

Modest Monday- Faux Fur Vest

What we love about this look is the faux fur vest which is the statement piece of the outfit. It’s perfect for days when you don’t want to wear a coat and it’s warm enough outside to get away with it. It’s a fashionable piece that has the added benefit of giving warmth. We went with an ombre black and grey one that is sure to go with anything! Since it’s a piece that you won’t be wearing year round, go with a colour (or colours) that are bound to go with everything. That way you can style it any way you like; you can dress it up or down.

Faux fur vests come in a variety of lengths. There’s some that are quite short and just hit the waistline and then there are others that are longer. We love the length of the one in the photo since it means you can tuck in your shirt into your pants, but still have some coverage in the back.

With a fur vest like this, you can easily wear a black long-sleeved t-shirt or turtleneck underneath and still look effortlessly chic. But for this look, we went with something a little formal. We went with a white blouse with a cute tie-front bow. It’s perfect for work, but isn’t too boring. We continued the monochromatic theme with a black pair of jeans. You could easily change up the jeans for a pair of nicer pants.

To break up the black and white theme a bit, we switched things up by going for a soft pair of neutral pumps. You could easily switch these up for boots or a bright pair of heels if you want to take the look from day to night. We thought neutral pumps would look chic for work, and help to keep the outfit nice and polished.

We kept that same shade for the hijab. Because our look is quite monochromatic and clean, we didn’t go with a patterned scarf, but instead a solid pink. But if you want to make the look a little bolder, you could also go with a bright scarf in another colour. If you do wear hijab, tuck it in under the vest rather than on top, since it’ll make the vest stand out more.

This look is great for a slightly formal setting, without being boring. The faux fur vest is what gives the rest of the outfit some flavour so that you can keep everything else simple.

We hope you liked this week’s style inspiration of the faux fur vest. We hope you found it useful!

With love.