Modest Dressing for Younger Girls

If you’re a young girl, finding modest clothes for your age can be tough. There are so many styles out there that are better suited for older girls, and can even make you look older, which is something you might not want. So how do you dress modestly for your age?

One tip is to keep things simple. If you want to look your age, don’t pile on multiple prints or accessories. Stick to a solid or printed top paired with jeans or straight trousers. If you really want to accessorize, pick one item. A pair of earrings, bangles, or a necklace, not all three.

If you’re conscious of your changing body and want to keep things covered, pick tops or cardigans that are loose. Asymmetrical cardigans are good for this because they’re loose and modest, without looking sloppy. Plus they come in a bunch of different prints which means they’re not boring!

If you want to keep your neck covered, but you don’t wear hijab, you can easily loop a scarf around your neck. This is a great way to get coverage over your chest. This also helps you stay warm in the cooler months!

To help keep your youthful and fun vibe, pick prints that are smaller in size, rather than larger. So for example, go for small polka dots, or stripes or small flowers, rather than big, chunky prints.

Jeans are another great piece of clothing that fit in with a young wardrobe. They’re awesome because there’s so many different styles and cuts out there! If you’re wearing a longer top or dress, throw on a pair of skinny or straight jeans underneath. Or for a casual vibe, you can wear boyfriend jeans, which are already loose and modest. Lastly, flared jeans or bell-bottoms are also making a comeback! They can be a fun way to add some style to your wardrobe and they don’t make you look older than you are. Wear them any way you want.

If you think maxi dresses and skirts are for older girls, you couldn’t be more wrong! Again, pick prints for your dresses and skirts that are cute and small. Or just go with solids and add some fun accessories to jazz them up. They might be a bit much for school, but they’re perfect for going out with your family or friends, or for special occasions.

Above all, be comfortable! You’re young and beautiful; don’t spend too much worrying about how stylish or fashionable you look and just have fun. Try to be modest in the best way you can, and just keep trying, regardless of whether you wear hijab or not.

Hope you beautiful girls found this useful!

With love.


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