Make Everyday Valentine’s Day: The Little Things

make everyday valentine's day

So it’s that time of year again: February aka the Love Month. It’s that time of year again when heart-shaped everything is in, as well as the colour red, pink, and white. And the only way to profess your love to someone is apparently by participating in this festive occasion by giving chocolates and flowers and balloons.

Short of being cheesy, Valentine’s Day is one of the most commercialised holidays of the year and often makes people feel lonely, if they are alone. For those that aren’t alone, it makes them have unrealistic expectations of their significant other since they feel that the only way they will feel loved is if their partner participates in the holiday and makes them feel special.

We’ve all heard this before, but it begs to be repeated: Valentine’s Day is just one day out of a year. If you truly love someone, you should express it everyday, and not just on the day when you feel like you’re supposed and when chocolate is on sale.

If you make everyday Valentine’s Day aka a day about expressing your love to your family and friends, then you don’t need to worry about proving it to them on one day. Love isn’t always about the grand gestures. It’s often about the little things in a day that make a person feel special and loved.

We often get so caught up in thinking about the things others don’t do for us that we don’t think about the fact that we could do something for others as well. So instead of thinking about the ways your husband or wife or family doesn’t doesn’t make you feel special, think of all the ways you can make them feel special. Don’t do it because you expect something in return. Do it because it’ll make them happy.

So here is a list of little things you can do to make everyday Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!


Cook for them

Food is the language of love and there is nothing greater than breaking bread with those that you love. We’re all able to buy food, but it’s a different feeling when someone makes you food. You don’t need to be a master chef to do it nor does it have to be a four-course meal. It could just be something that they enjoy eating, whether it’s scrambled eggs or coffee in the morning or dessert. Cooking is a labour of love, because it involves effort. So even if you cook for your loved one(s) daily, make them something they really love to show you care.


Write them a note

Yes, we all use our phones to text and message each other now, but there’s still something whimsical about a handwritten note. It doesn’t have to be a love note, it could just be something small like a shared joke, a thank you for something they’ve done, or just something sweet. It’s something very small, but it could bring a smile to your loved one’s face, especially when they’re having a bad day.


Say thank you

When we live with someone, we often take the little things they do for granted. And while it may seem awkward to start saying thank you for every single thing all of a sudden, make it a habit to thank your loved ones for all that they do. It’s important to show gratitude to others, and we often forget to do this with those that are closest to us. By saying thank you, you let the other person know that all that they do isn’t overlooked but that it’s all appreciated.


Help out

If your husband or wife or family member is struggling with something, help them out. Helping them study for an exam or prepare for an interview might not be your idea of a hot date, but what could be more important than being there for your significant other in their time of need? It could be something very small, like helping fold the laundry after they’ve had a long day, or it could be something big like being there for them in a crisis. We all know that loving someone is being there for them through thick and thin, but we often only want to share the good times, and not the bad.


Surprise them

Sometimes the greatest joys in life are surprises. Again, these surprises don’t have to be massive, expensive gifts or gestures. They can be small like surprising your mom with her favourite type of tea or surprising your wife with a dinner date or surprising your friends with baked goods. Surprising those you love with little presents or gestures is a one way to make them feel loved and let’s them know that you were thinking about them.


Tell them they look nice

The other person doesn’t need to be decked out to go to a ball or to a fancy event for you to tell them they look nice. Telling the people we love that they look nice is another little way to show them that we love them, regardless of whether they’re wearing sweatpants or a suit and tie. It makes the other person feel good about themselves, and don’t we want the people we love to feel good about themselves?


Say I love you

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day you tell someone you love them. You should do it everyday! There is no rule that love should only be professed or expressed on one day of the year, and don’t let consumer culture fool you into thinking otherwise! Tell the people around you that you love them. Whether it’s your family, your significant other, or your friends, share your feelings. It’ll make them feel special, and it’ll make you feel good too.


If you love someone, don’t wait for them to make you feel special. Make them feel special.

Many of us are selfish when it comes to love. We want, but we don’t know how to give. Doing little things every day is one way to show the people we love how we feel about them, and not just on the one day we’re told we’re supposed to.

So don’t wait for February 14th to tell someone you love them, whether it’s your family, your friends, or your significant other. Do it everyday. Because love isn’t always about the big things; love is about the little things. So make everyday Valentine’s Day and show someone you care by making them feel like you care.

Hope you found this useful!

With love.