Lessons from Prophets- Musa AS

Lessons from Prophets- Musa AS

by Safia Fatima

He was thirty years old at that time; when an event occurred in his life, which caused him to run away from his own city. Yes you guessed it right; I am talking about Musa (a.s). There are so many lessons that young Muslims, like us, can learn from his life even before he became a Prophet. And it is definitely a delight sharing these treasures from the Qur’an with you.

There are two striking features about the character of Musa (a.s) which I came across while going through the Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas; the twenty eighth Surah in the Qur’an. Let’s see them one by one. So it all started when he entered the city of Egypt and saw two men fighting each other. One belonged to the clan of Bani Israel and the other was an Egyptian who belonged to the clan of the enemies of Musa (a.s). We know that Musa (a.s) was actually from the Bani Israel too, so naturally when the member of his own tribe called out for his help; he responded. Now I just want to add that one should know that Musa (a.s) was very strong physically so that when he punched the Egyptian, the man died. Instantly he realized that what he had done was from among the works of shaitan and didn’t wait a wee bit before asking Allah’s forgiveness along with an intention of never helping wrongdoers again. And Allah in His divine mercy forgave him just as instantly.

Some times in our lives we commit sins that we think are beyond forgiveness. We ruin our lives mentally thinking that Allah will never forgive us because we did such and such. But do you know what? The moment Musa (a.s) asked forgiveness with all his heart, Allah mentions in the very next phrase that he was forgiven. You know Allah is telling us through Musa (a.s) that no matter how much wrong we do, if we are able to make true forgiveness with all our heart and an intention of never repeating that sin, then He is the most merciful. He will forgive.

The other thing which absolutely amazes me about Musa (a.s) is his concern for others. After becoming aware of the fact that some people from the palace have decided to kill him for what he did, he becomes utterly terrified. With nothing but the clothes that he wore and absolutely no idea where he would seek refuge, he ran from Egypt. We come to know that Musa (a.s) travelled for eight days, so that by the time he reaches the water of Madeen he is in a terrible state. However when he comes to the spot where he came to rest, he notices something unusual. Two ladies were trying to keep their livestock away from the water source, where some shepherds were supplying their animals with water. Now imagine a person who has been travelling for eight days without any proper food; a person who has got no place that he can call his own and cherry on the top, he has got high officials who are after his blood. Can you ever imagine that person being concerned about someone else when he has got so many problems of his own? Nope! But here we have the example of Musa (a.s). He has got a lot of khair for others and so moves forward to inquire the ladies regarding their situation. And they tell him that until the male shepherds don’t leave, they can’t take their animals to drink. So Musa (a.s) offers his assistance and takes their animals near the water supply.

Usually in our modern times we have an air conditioned Toyota or Honda that takes us to our destination. Our trips are also very comfortable. But when we come back home we are so dead tired. Even if someone asks us for a glass of water, by mistake, we instantly snap at them. And even in our day to day life we, unfortunately, tend to think more about our problems. But I say this to myself and to you, let’s start from today. Let’s go out of our way and help people around us just like Musa (a.s) did. And yes I do understand that when we don’t get an A grade on that paper, we just don’t feel like helping mummy in the kitchen, or our little brother with his English test. But remember when you know it in your heart that the reward of what you do comes from Allah and not from people, you will be running to help with everything that comes your way.

I’ll conclude by saying that two things are very important; our relationship with Allah and with the people around us. Once we take care of these, life won’t remain that difficult.  And I learned this through Musa (a.s).



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