The Importance of Keeping Commitments

The Importance of Keeping Commitments

A commitment is a promise, and it’s so important to keep our commitments.

Commitments are what hold our relationships together, whether they are business or personal. Commitments that aren’t written down on paper are just as important as the ones we say to each other throughout the day.

Things as simple as “I’ll get that to you by next Wednesday” to “I’ll definitely be there at the party” are all examples of commitments we make. They may seem small, but they form the trust that builds relationships. When we follow through on our commitments, we show the other person that they matter and that we take them seriously. When we follow through on our commitments, the other person knows they can trust us.

We make commitments to lots of people: our bosses, our teachers and professors, our friends, and our family. Professional or business commitments are not more important than personal ones, but they tend to get a lot of the limelight because can make or break your job or even career. If you don’t get things done when you say you will, it will negatively affect your performance and job. This could get you fired or give you a bad recommendation for when you want to apply for another job or go higher up in the company. It’s something that seriously affects your future!

Meeting deadlines is one of the most common forms of commitments but sometimes we’re not able to meet them. There are hundreds of legitimate reasons why it can’t happen sometimes, and so it’s important to let the other person know who’s waiting on you. It’s better to let them know before the deadline rather than the day off, since it might help them or help you make other arrangements.

But what about the commitments we make to our friends or family? They’re definitely not going to be writing us a recommendation letter about our ability to honour our commitments or not, so what’s the point?

The point is that not living up to your promises can negatively affect your relationships, whether it’s with your friends, parents, siblings, or spouse.

Relationships are built on trust and trust doesn’t form if you are constantly faltering on your promises and are unable to meet them. Again, things happen and sometimes you can’t keep your promises. It’s okay. But let the other person know and apologise sincerely for it. Don’t tell them at the last minute and leave them in the lurch. If you really care about them, then try your hardest to fulfill your commitments or help them make other arrangements. You don’t want your friends or family to think of you as unreliable and to not trust you so try your best.

Commitments to our friends and family are just as important as our professional commitments because they are the building blocks to our lives. If we don’t honour them, then we show the people around us that they don’t matter to us. It doesn’t always have to be a big promise, it could be something as small as picking up your younger sibling from school or promising a friend to help with her resume. These are all important things.

So take your commitments seriously so you can form trusting relationships, both professional and personal ones.

With love.