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I Love Modesty

I Love Modesty is a Canadian based online boutique that sells modest clothes, hijabs, and hijab accessories. They also have a physical store located in Mississauga, Canada, which is filled with a collection of their beautiful hijabs, clothes, and accessories.

While the boutique sells modest clothes as well, today we’ll be focusing on their hijab collection.

One thing we love about their site is the way their hijabs are organized.

I Love Modesty menu

Their hijabs are organized into plain hijabs, printed, and lace and glitter hijabs. They also have their own I Love Modesty or ILM Artisan hijabs. Even in the printed hijabs, they’ve broken it down into floral, animal, ombre, and more. They also have an awesome section on hijab deals, which is a little different from a sale. Instead of the hijabs being marked down, they’re sold for a cheaper price if you buy 3 for $35, for example, or 2 for $25. There’s a ton of variety in the sections, so browse there first for the deals before you check out the regular section.

Their hijabs start from $11.99 CAD and go up from there.

I Love Modesty

When you click on each hijab, it tells you the material and the size. Knowing the size of hijab is always great, especially if you like hijabs that are longer or wider, especially for when you need more coverage. If you love florals, they have a beautiful selection of vintage and contemporary prints that are perfect for spring and summer.

Our very favourite part of the boutique is the fact that they have pretty much every colour imaginable. They’re the best online boutique for when you’re searching high and low for a particular colour to match a particular outfit. You can find plain hijabs in a bunch of different colours in both viscose and cashmere. The viscose ones are currently 3 for $25 currently, while some of the plain tassel/cashmere hijabs are on deal for $11.66.

I Love Modesty cashmere

Our absolute favourite hijabs of theirs are the plain tassel or cashmere hijabs. They are the pashmina hijabs many of you already know and love but they’re not the thick pashminas you might be thinking of. Instead, their cashmere hijabs are lightweight and have a fabulous sheen on them, which means you can wear them with fancier outfits to achieve that polished, fancy look, without all that glitter. They’re all the perfect size to achieve coverage in both the front and the back, and because of the lightweight yet durable material, they’re also great to create folds on the top. They’re definitely our go-to hijabs!

What we love the most about I Love Modesty’s hijabs is the variety. They have fabulous prints in a wide variety of styles, which aren’t found elsewhere. The quality is wonderful; their hijabs do not feel cheap and are worth the price.

They ship to the US, UK, Canada, and several other countries. After you create an account, and put items in your basket, you’ll be able to enter your shipping address to get a shipping quote.

If you’re located in the Toronto area in Canada, you really must check out I Love Modesty‘s physical boutique! They carry most of the hijabs found in their online store, and you can check out the material and size of the hijabs yourself. They also have their collection of modest clothes and hijab accessories.

But if you’re not able to visit the physical store, definitely check out their website. You won’t be disappointed by their hijabs!

With love.