How to Wear a Midi Dress

The midi dress is a true Muslim girl staple because of its loose fit and length! It comes in many different cuts and styles, both casual and formal, and can be dressed up or down.

But first let’s define what a midi dress is and what makes it different from a maxi dress. The midi dress doesn’t quite reach your ankles, but instead sits a few inches above. It’s anything that goes past your knees down to just your ankles. There’s so many different ways to style it, so find out how to wear a midi dress now!

They’re a perfect modest girl staple because of their length. They practically cover your whole body, leaving you with just a few inches that you need to worry about. This is one reason that some girls feel comfortable wearing tights underneath midi dresses; they’re already so loose and long that you barely see anything under. If you’re not comfortable with wearing tights, you can also opt for pants. Just make sure that they’re fairly straight, in order to contrast the loose, long top. If you pick a pair of pants that are equally baggy, then your entire look will be sloppy instead of chic. They don’t necessarily have to be skinny pants; they can also be straight.

Very few midi dresses come with full sleeves, unless you get them from an Islamic store. The rest of them sold in regular stores are sleeveless or short sleeves, which leaves you with your arms to cover up. An obvious solution is a cardigan, but instead of picking a short cardigan, go with a maxi cardigan that is longer than your midi dress or the same length. This is such a cute look, since it helps elongate your body with the varying lengths of cpieces. Maxi cardigans are a great piece to have in your wardrobe anyway, but paired on top of a midi dress, they can make your look flowy and boho in seconds. If you choose to wear a maxi cardigan on top, you can also add a belt over your dress, under your cardigan, to help make the loose midi dress fit better. Wearing the cardigan on top will prevent from you showing off your shape, and it’s just another way to add a different style.

If you don’t want to wear a maxi cardigan, then you can also opt for a long-sleeve t-shirt inside. Just avoid wearing a shorter cardigan on top of the long midi dress because it’ll box up your frame with the short and long combination.

If you want something casual that you can wear everyday, go with a midi dress that’s fairly straight or slightly A-line. You can pair it with plain pants or tights to keep the simple look. You can also find midi dresses in cute patterns or stripes, which are great for everyday. But if you want something a little more glamorous, look for midi dresses with more volume! There are flowy midi dresses with pleats and also in richer fabrics and colours that will perfect for days of dressing up or parties. The fuller length helps make the look feminine, even though you’ll be wearing pants underneath.

Another thing to look out for in midi dresses is the style of the bottom. It can be uniform, so one length all along, or even high-low, so high in the front and low in the back. This is another look that can be dressed up for a night out. Or you can also go with something asymmetrical to really change things up!

Another tip to keep in mind is that if you’re on the shorter side, add heels to help elongate your body. You don’t want all the long clothes to overwhelm you, so add heels to make your legs look longer. If heels are uncomfortable for you, you can also try wedges, which are much more comfortable!

No matter which way you style it, the midi dress is an amazing Muslim girl staple. It’s modest and chic, and can be worn both casually and formally. How do you style this piece?

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